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Aggressive cat breeds: Do they exist?

We love cats. They are cute, beautiful, intelligent, and funny, and some can be very friendly, but let’s face it, they also have a strong temper. An angry cat is scary because all it takes is a little nip or scratch, and ouch, it hurts. But is there a list of the most aggressive cat breeds?

Most cat breeds can be friendly if they are taught to socialize early. However, we must recognize that feline aggression exists, and it is better to know about it to avoid it. Although we cannot talk about the meanest cat breeds, we can make a comparison between those breeds that, under certain circumstances, can be more aggressive than others.

I should note that no cat will necessarily be aggressive just because it belongs to a specific breed since each feline, even within the same litter, will have its personality and a character shaped by its life experience. If you are interested in the subject, let’s find out which are the meanest cat breeds you can find.

Why is a cat aggressive?

Cats aren’t aggressive by nature. Aggressiveness is the response to some stimulus that makes them react in a violent and uncontrolled way. A cat’s aggressive behavior tells us there is a problem. It can be something as simple as a change of routine that has him in a bad mood to something more complex like being mistreated by someone.

aggressive cat breeds - why is a cat aggressive

These are the main reasons that can lead a cat to be mean to people:

  • Fear: When a cat is frightened, its first impulse will always be to run and hide, and it will rarely use confrontation as a first resort. If the cat hears a loud noise or a dog chases him and, for some reason, cannot find a place to hide and get to safety, it may resort to aggression as a method of protection.
  • Territoriality: Cats are hyper-territorial. They defend their space and belongings with claws and teeth. If a cat feels that someone has invaded its personal space, it will feel threatened and may resort to fighting for it.
  • Anger: Cats generally tell us when they don’t like something. For example, if they don’t want you to pet them anymore, they may remove your hand with their paw or give you a nib, but if you ignore their signals, the next thing they will likely do is scratch or bite you harder.
  • Frustration or discomfort: Cats get stressed quickly, and any factor can be the reason. Maybe there is a new addition to the family, or someone moved his cat tree away from the window, and he can’t see out, or perhaps he is in pain, and his tolerance is lower than usual. These can be reasons for a cat not being at its best and deciding to bite to avoid being disturbed.
aggressive cat breeds - frustration

Top 9 aggressive cat breeds: Meanest cat breeds (when provoked)

The following cat breeds share certain traits that may make them more likely to react aggressively, but remember that this isn’t a general rule. Qualities such as territoriality, the cat’s activity or energy level, dominance, tendency to hunt, and, finally, its lineage have a lot to do with its attitude.

American Wirehair

This funny-looking cat is a hunter by nature, and no prey gets out alive if he’s there, so you can tell the aggressiveness comes from the heart. These furry little guys are not velcro cats but don’t enjoy being alone for long. A bored Wirehair can tear up your couches in minutes.


The Bengal cat is the result of mixing a domestic cat and an Asian leopard, bringing the wild character in the genetics. A Bengal without a set routine involving lots of play and exercise can have severe behavioral problems. For example, it may play very aggressively or resort to territorial spraying. If you want a Bengal, ensure you have plenty of time so the cat doesn’t feel neglected.

aggressive cat breeds - bengal


These beautiful black cats are excellent hunters, sometimes taking their extreme sport further than recommended. In a comfortable environment, they are sweet companions, but when it comes to rough play, the little Bombay is fearless and can be pretty aggressive when defending what is theirs.

Egyptian Mau

These cats have a striking beauty that, combined with their loving and friendly personality, makes them the perfect cat. They are said to have a dog-like attitude, as they are very loyal to their family, with whom they enjoy playing and practicing tricks, but there is a catch, these silver beauties are also very territorial. With them, it’s all laughs and games until someone messes with their toys or food. This dominant cat does not like to share.

Pixie Bob

This cat is the result of crossing an ordinary cat and a bobcat, so you can imagine where their rougher traits come from. By nature, they love to hunt so that any animal can be their prey, and when they are not chasing, they are playing, and oh boy, do they play hard without being aggressive. They can be a little scary. They are unique cats, and although they may growl at you to communicate, they like to be surrounded by their human family.


This breed is not your typical cat. A glance is enough to realize that wild nature runs through their veins. The Savannah is a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval, an African wild cat, and by heredity, they are hyperactive and hunters. Without physical activity, Savannahs tends to get frustrated and shows it with behaviors that could be aggressive. If you adopt a Savannah, you must train it first to live with humans and preferably don’t have other pets, as they aren’t the friendliest of breeds.

Scottish Fold

These adorable cats are not bad. They tend to be very sensitive, shy, and afraid of change. They can get feisty if you bring in a new pet that makes them feel threatened or if a child takes away their toys. Although they don’t usually attack, they may give growls and icy stares.


The sassy cat! Siameses are very affectionate and playful. You can’t get bored around them. However, these beautiful cats are also territorial, demanding, and jealous, the perfect combo for trouble. They have plenty of energy and ask for a lot of attention; if they feel bored or neglected, they can release their pent-up energy negatively. Also, when you give attention to another pet, you better watch out because the Siamese is known in the underworld as the most aggressive.


This unusual cat is full of love for the right family. He is very cuddly, playful, and quite intelligent. The Sphynx is a very energetic cat that requires daily physical activity and a little mental stimulation. Otherwise, it gets tedious and frustrating, and what is one of the causes of aggression? Exactly. A bored Sphynx may resort to releasing his frustration with a sound bite.

meanest cat breeds

Aggressive cat breeds: The bottom line

Interesting, isn’t it? Now you know a little more about aggressive cat breeds, but remember that every cat is unique and has its personality. If you want to adopt a kitty, go to your local shelter and give one of these beautiful creatures a chance at a loving home.

Taking care of your cat will also affect their behavior, so be patient and understanding, and most importantly, love them unconditionally. A cat with love and attention is usually a happy cat. And a happy cat is not an aggressive cat. Do you have an aggressive cat at home? What breed is it? Let us know in the comments.

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