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Do Tabby cats shed? Wrong Question!

Do you have a tabby, or are you interested in adopting a beautiful tabby cat but worried about too much shedding? Do tabby cats shed a lot? It’s a concern for all cat parents because who likes their home to be inundated with loose hair? When we take on the responsibility of giving a cat a home, it’s super important that we prepare ourselves in the best way possible, and one of the best ways to do that is by researching and learning about the feline world. So join us, and let’s learn everything you need about the beautiful Tabby cats and shedding.

Tabby cats are trendy. One could even say that they are the variety of cats with the largest population worldwide, so if you have a cat, it is very likely that it is a tabby. The reason behind this is that the term tabby doesn’t refer to a breed of cat but to a coat pattern characterized by the base color being adorned with a pattern that is usually striped.

do tabby cats shed - what is a tabby

There are four types of tabby patterns, classic, mackerel, spotted, and ticked, the first being the most common. A cat can be of any breed and have a tabby pattern so you can have a tabby Maine Coon, or a tabby American Shorthair kitten.

Do tabby cats shed?

They do, like all cats worldwide, regardless of their breed, color, or coat pattern. Shedding is something that not even bald cats like the Sphynx can avoid because even they shed what little fuzzy fur they have, as their coat must renew itself to fulfill the important function of protecting the cat’s sensitive skin all the time.

Why do cats shed?

Shedding is part of the coat renewal process of all cats. It allows them to have healthy and robust fur throughout the year, although it must be said that this is not the only reason why a cat may shed. Shedding also responds to other external factors, and knowing them is the same as understanding a little more about the secret language of cats. Are you interested in finding out why your cat sheds? Here are the main reasons. 

Shedding season

Cats shed hair every day, albeit in moderation, but there are two times of the year when they shed in large quantities, known as the shedding season. This occurs in spring and autumn because the cat’s body prepares for the temperature change. In the spring, they shed a lighter coat for the summer, while in the fall, they shed to renew their coat and have a fuller, ticked coat for the cold of winter.

do tabby cats shed - season

If you have a controlled temperature at home, it is very likely that your cat’s body will not detect seasonal changes, so it may not go through these shedding seasons and shed the same moderate amount of hair throughout the year.

Stress, fear, anxiety, and boredom

It sounds terrible, but it’s the truth. Cats are very sensitive animals that often can’t stand the stimuli of the crazy human world, let alone understand them, which can cause stress or fear. Anyone who has a cat can list several things that scare or anger their cat. For example, one is terrified of the hair dryer, but even the simplest things can cause discomfort, for example, a new fragrance in the house, a new family member, a rearrangement of the furniture, or even a change in the brand of food.

Since a cat cannot express in words that it doesn’t like something, it usually has to put up with the change, and this can generate stress or anxiety, so they tend to groom or scratch excessively, shedding a lot of hair and even leaving bald patches. The same is true for a cat that is constantly bored. One way to entertain itself and release tension is by grooming excessively.

Poor diet

Cats are obligate carnivores. Their diet must consist of animal protein. Otherwise, their body doesn’t acquire the proper nutrients to function correctly. Kibble or wet food usually contains more other elements than mostly quality animal protein, which could cause your cat to have a weak and dull coat, which tends to fall out more quickly.

Health issue

Many medical reasons cause a cat to lose hair, for example, allergies or topical infections, which cause the cat to scratch excessively and lose hair. However, some diseases cause a cat to have a weak coat as an alternative effect, for example, hypothyroidism or cancer.

How to control excessive shedding?

Fortunately, there are many tricks we can put into practice to help our cat not to lose so much hair, thus avoiding all your furniture and clothes being covered with hair.

  • Daily brushing, or at least twice a week, will remove all the dead hair before it falls off and ends up on your floor.
  • Please don’t overdo it with baths. Constant showers weaken your cat’s coat, so once every month and a half is fine. 
  • A balanced diet appropriate to your cat’s age.
  • Supplements that promote a healthy and shiny coat.
  • Observe your cat’s routine so you can detect when he is stressed and eliminate the problem factor more quickly.
do tabby cats shed - control

Do Tabby cats sed? Summing it up

Tabby cats are beautiful, they can be of any color and breed, but one thing that characterizes them all is a lovely M mark on the forehead. If you want to have a tabby cat and you are worried that it sheds too much hair, go for it because now you know why some cats shed excessively, and you are more than ready to fight and control loose hair. Remember, you must consistently care for your cat’s coat.

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