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Dumb looking cats that are funny and smart (maybe)

If we wanted to describe all cats in one word, we would probably have a hard time because if there is one thing for sure, it is that there is an incredible variety of cat breeds, each with its distinctive physical characteristics and, of course, personalities that depend a lot on the breed. Some breeds are distinguished by their extraordinary physical abilities, others by their strange love for the water, others by the uncommonness of their breed, and, well, some cute kitties are known for their not-so-graceful features (dumb-looking cats) that some would say give them an air of not being the most clever cat in town.

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover since physical characteristics don’t indicate the intelligence or personality of anyone, including cats. Still, some breeds of cats indeed have facial features that, to our eyes, make them look funny or silly, perhaps because of their big round eyes or perhaps because of the flatness of their face.

While there are other cats that, although their physical features don’t indicate it, their mischievous and stubborn personality that would make us think that they are not very intelligent, and again, this doesn’t mean they are dumb since we cannot judge a cat the same yardstick with which we judge humans.

If you happen to be thinking about which cat breeds look dumb and which ones are listed as the least intelligent cat breeds, here’s a list of both.

Are you looking for a dumb looking cat? Here are a few options!

Let’s take a look at these dumb looking but funny cats.

Exotic Shorthair

These playful kittens, which are relatively new, result from crossing a Persian cat with an American Shorthair. They look like Persian cats with tabby patterns and short hair, just like the classic ASH. The most notable characteristic is that they are heavy-boned, which is why they are so plump. A short muzzle characterizes their round face, and large round eyes are set wide apart, with a small nose right in the center.

dumb looking cat - exotic shorthair


Also known as dwarf cats, their most notorious characteristic is their short legs and long torso, which gives their body the appearance of a sausage, just like Dachshund dogs. Although they have cute faces, like any Shorthair, they fall into this category as an exceptional case because the silly thing about them is their funny walk.

dumb looking cat - munchkin

Oriental Shorthair

This cat is super active and playful, and it got here just for its looks because it is one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there. They have slender but muscular bodies, and what makes them look funny is their small triangular-shaped head adorned with long pointed ears and a long thin muzzle.

dumb looking cat - oriental shorthair


Do a short snout, a small nose, and giant round eyes sound familiar? The famous Persian cat is popular for its exotic look and long, silky fur. This cat can look a bit clumsy, primarily because of the vast separation of their eyes, especially if they are blue, which makes them look a bit crazy.

dumb looking cat - persian

Scottish Fold

This kitten is adorable, calm, and quite intelligent, but he made it to this list thanks to his huge eyes and folded ears due to a genetic mutation. His big face and chubby body make him look adorable but also a bit slow, which is why he’s in this category.

dumb looking cat - scottish fold

Ukrainian Levkoy

If we talk about unique cat breeds, this little guy is undoubtedly extraordinary because he is the unique cross between a Scottish Fold and a Donskoy, from which he inherited quite striking traits. The first thing you will notice is that he is almost bald, with a few tufts of hair here and there, like the Donskoy and the Sphynx, and he also has folded ears like the Scottish Fold. This ultra-affectionate cat has large, almond-shaped eyes, a small nose, and long, scruffy whiskers that give him that funky look.

The less intelligent cats

When we talk about intelligent cats, we refer to their ability to understand the world around them, for example, how objects like a door knob work, their ability to retain information such as where they have left their toys, and, of course, the level of understanding of their communication with humans.

Although it must be said, this last element is complicated to measure as many cats understand perfectly well what you tell them. They choose to ignore you.

  • American Shorthair
  • Birman
  • British Shorthair
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Himalayan
  • Persian Cat
  • Ragdoll
  • Serengeti
  • Scottish Fold
  • Snowshoe

Oops, it looks like some cats made it to both lists, but let’s not forget that every cat is magnificent in its way, capable of filling your days with love. And about the list of the dumbest cats, remember that it is subjective because everyone is different and can all learn. It’s just that some breeds have it easier than others.

Dumb looking cats: The bottom line

Alright. Now you know which cats make it to the list of the dumbest looking cats. From the Persian cat to the Ukrainian Levkoy, they all have unique and funny features that make them stand out from other breeds. However, even though they appear slow or clumsy compared to other cats, don’t forget that everyone has a character and personality.

They may not always understand your commands, but they will surely love you and show it in their way! So if you are looking for a new furry companion, remember that any of these breeds can give you as much love and loyalty as any other breed. You have to find out which one is right for your home. Good luck!

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