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How to keep cats away from plants?

Are you a plant lover, but you have a cat at home? Well, it sounds like you have a big problem, but don’t worry. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between your precious flowers and your playful kitty because I have prepared an excellent list of tips to learn how to keep cats away from plants so that you can be calm and safe!

As you have probably already noticed, cats are fascinated by plants, whether in the garden or a pot indoors, and who can blame them if we all need to have contact with nature to maintain a balance? The problem is that sometimes cats are not satisfied enough while smelling and quietly contemplating the leaves. Oh no, many cats need to lick or chew them, dig the soil and some transgressive felines even use the planter as a potty.

Cats love to chew on the grass or leaves of certain plants because they enjoy the taste and feel of the different textures of the plants. It’s like a feast for their sensory senses because they can enjoy something out of the ordinary. For example, my cat loves to lick and chew on mint, and although she never eats it, she won’t forgive a walk that doesn’t include spending some time around the mint bush.

how to keep cats away from plants - teach your cat

And let’s not forget that nature is wise, even if your cat hasn’t been to school. He knows he needs fiber to maintain good digestive health, so when your cat feels her body needs a little help or its stomach hurts, he will most likely reach for grass to purge naturally. Clever, right?

How to keep cats away from plants and stop eating/destroying them: 6 efficient solutions

Cats are very persistent or stubborn, depending on how you want to look at it, so breaking a habit can be complicated and challenging but not impossible.

1. Teach your cat to stay away from your plants

First things first, it may be the most logical thing in the world, but it really can be as simple as that, if you don’t like your cat to eat your plants or use them as a sandbox, teach him not to do it. Cats are indeed rebellious, but they are also smart, so if you tell him with a firm tone from the very first moment, “no!” he will understand that he shouldn’t do it. Although I will be honest, it will take you several nos.

Something that works for me is to raise my index finger when I tell her no so that she can better identify the instruction. When I do this, I look at my cat fixedly but relaxed because I don’t want her to get scared.

2. Make your plants inaccessible

Another trick that works very well is to keep your plants away from your cat so you don’t bother to eradicate the habit. You prevent the cat from approaching your plants. The most common is to look for a strategic place to hang your plants. They must be far from a piece of furniture from which your cat can jump and reach the pot. You can also place them on a high shelf. Both options look great as decoration.

Another fantastic idea that might work, depending on the size of your plants, is to replace the pots with a fish bowl with a narrow opening, or if you have a spare one, a fish tank will do great, it’s a DIY terrarium!

how to keep cats away from plants - use repellent

3. Use cat repellent

If saying no to your cat has not worked, you can try a cat repellent. There are many on the market, although before buying it, you should ensure that it is specific for cats. Otherwise, it could be toxic for your pet. These repellents have strong scents that cats don’t like, which drives them away from the place.

They usually use citrus or lavender scents, so if you don’t want to buy one, you can also make it yourself. Add a few drops of lemon, lime, orange, or lavender to a cup of water. You will spray this repellent over the pot or vase, ensuring that the scent doesn’t fill the room unless you are trying to keep your cat out of it.

4. Get a plant for your cat

As you read it, if your cat likes to eat the plant or maybe smell and lick them, give him his favorite plant or plants. This way, your cat will focus on them and leave your beautiful flowers alone. It’s not necessary to create a garden for your cat, and it’s enough with a small pot for each type of plant. I don’t advise using a long planter because if your cat is a digger, he will mess with the soil.

You must ensure that the plant you give to your cat doesn’t harm his health. Among the plants suitable for cats are catnip, peppermint, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and valerian. Your cat will love your gift!

5. Cover the soil

If your cat is one who, in addition to eating plants, loves to dig in the dirt, you should try this decorative trick. To prevent your cat from seeing the soil, cover it with medium-sized stones that are a little heavy so that he can’t move them or turn them over. You can use stones from your garden or glass gemstones. Besides looking great, they will prevent your cat from spreading the soil everywhere.

6. Clean the litter box daily

This is for those naughty kitties who defecate in your pot instead of using their litter box. Your cat may be doing this out of sheer rebellion, but chances are their litter box is dirty. Cats are incredibly hygienic animals, so if their sandbox is dirty and smelly, there’s no way they’ll use it. A clean, fresh litter box is better for everyone, as it won’t accumulate bacteria and odors, plus your cat will stop invading your plants.

how to keep cats away from plants - clean litter box

How to keep cats away from plants: Final thoughts

You won’t appreciate your cat ruining the flowers and plants you so lovingly grow, so follow some of these tricks and let us know if it works for you. The options are varied from teaching your kitten the meaning of no to giving him his plant.

Remember not to scold your cat for destroying your plants if you don’t want to create a negative relationship between you. And, above all, enjoy your precious pet and its lovely presence in your home. Do you have a cat that eats or destroys your plants? Please share your stories with us in the comments! We would love to hear them. Good luck and happy gardening!

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