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Types of Siamese Cats: do you know them all?

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular pets in the world, and this comes as no surprise as it is one of the oldest cat breeds, dating back to the 14th century or even earlier. Some think they could have appeared in ancient Egypt, but the most accepted theory is that they came from the kingdom of Siam, modern-day Thailand. But did you know there are many types of Siamese cats?

Centuries ago, because of their beauty and elegance, only the Thai royal family was allowed to have Siamese cats as pets. People believed that these cats had special powers, and because of their white color, they also represented purity. These attributes led them to be in charge of guarding the family treasure.

Whichever type of Siamese you are looking for, you must know they are all excellent companions. Although each one is distinguished by having its physical characteristics, the personality of the Siamese is usually very similar. These cats are characterized by being very affectionate, playful, curious, and agile, but be careful about other pets. They can be very territorial and temperamental. We already saw it in The Lady and the Tramp.

These little guys are one of the most vocal cats out there. They love to communicate with everyone, so you can expect to hear them meow and purr all day.

Siameses love to be in the company of their family. These kittens will always be following around their owners. They can’t stand being alone for a long time, so if you spend most of your day away from home, it would be vital that you consider it before adopting one. If you already have a Siamese and notice it is a bit depressed, perhaps the best option is to adopt another furry friend. The more, the merrier!

Siamese eyes will always have blue eyes, and their fur, despite some color variations, will be darker at the points (legs, tail, and face). There are two main divisions, the Traditional Siamese and the Modern Siamese, and both have their subdivisions.

Let’s check them out:

Traditional types of Siamese cats


This version is the most energetic. This explains why classic Siamese cats have the most athletic body. Classic Siamese cats have a somewhat pointed face, complemented by long ears and a pointy little nose that differentiates them from the others. Their body and tail are long, which gives them an elegant and agile appearance.

types of siamese cats - classic

We must bear in mind that the 3 types of traditional Siamese are very prone to ear infections and are a bit compulsive with grooming. They even tend to have bald spots because of this. A solution for the latter is to have a regiment of toys to keep the puss busy and relaxed.


The Applehead is easier to differentiate as it has a thicker, wider body and a short tail. Scientists gave it that name because its round apple-shaped face contrasts with its tiny ears and sunken nose. Being of a muscular build, they tend to weigh up to 18 pounds, so it is crucial to ensure they don’t gain more weight with proper nutrition.

types of siamese cats - applehead

These sweet guys are calm by nature. It’s not surprising that they are not as chatty as the rest of the Siamese.


You can distinguish this kitten by its long nose and large, pointed ears, and although its athletic body is elongated, it is a medium-sized cat. Another way to distinguish them will be by their eyes, all Siamese have deep blue crossed eyes, but in the Old-Style cat, they are more noticeable.

Modern types of Siamese breeds


These slant-eyed cats have very narrow, wedge-shaped heads with large, pointed ears that sit lower on the side of the head rather than on top of it. Their body is slim but muscular, and they have long legs that make them look elegant. Despite having serious faces, they are very talkative and loving.

types of siamese cats - wedge modern

As you can see by its well-defined features, the Siamese Wedge is the product of selective breeding, making it prone to health issues like kidney, liver, or heart disease and typical ear infections.

Light-colored variations of Siamese breeds

After years of breeding, the modern siamese got a bit longer and thinner, more chatty, and developed a somehow needy behavior. This next one is not a type in itself, just a color variation. Perhaps this is the typical Siamese you picture when you hear that word.

 There are four significant different color variations:

1. Seal point

This cat has the darkest color variation since it ranges from dark brown to black. The Seal-point cat has a cream-colored body and a seal (dark brown) face, nose, ears, paws, and tail. The term seal was given because a cat with this color resembles the dark face of a seal.

types of siamese cats - seal point

2. Chocolate point

As the name says, these buddies have lovely chocolate-colored points. Their bodies usually are cream or ivory, and their noses could be light brown or pink.

3. Bluepoint

They have white bodies and light bluish-gray points. The face, ears, and tail marks tend to be very faint, while their nose and paws are usually slate-gray.

4. Lilac point

This last one has a white or ivory coat adorned with beautiful lilac-gray colored points, usually the face mask, ears, and tail. In perfect combination, it has a cinnamon-pink nose and paw pads.

Once considered a wash down Blue Point, the Lilac-Point Siamese is praised for its subtle coloration, making it a breeder’s favorite.

Many other breeds have come from the Siamese, like the Oriental, Balinese, Tonkinese, and Havana Brown. All beautiful, affectionate and unique in their own way.

Types of Siamese cats – The bottom line

No matter what fur color or pattern, all types of Siamese cats have one thing in common: they love their humans. They will follow you around the house and want to be involved in everything you do. They are known for being very chatty and vocal, some might say bossy, but that’s how they communicate their needs.

Siamese cats make great companions. They are loving and loyal, and if you are looking for a furry friend that will be by your side through thick and thin, then look no further. A Siamese is a perfect match for you.

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