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Why do cats cover their face when they sleep?

If you have a cat, you are probably madly in love with him, and everything he does fascinates you. You find any gesture, trick, or even their most annoying habit cute and worthy of a good photo or whole album. But something makes even the most anti-pet person let out an “awww”, and it is nothing more and nothing less than watching a kitten sleep. They are beautiful, aren’t they? And what about a cat sleeping peacefully with its face covered? Cuteness overload! We can’t help but wonder, “why do cats cover their face when they sleep?

The truth is that we love to investigate why our cats do what they do, and even though we don’t like to admit it, we mostly do it hoping to find an answer that confirms that our cat loves us as much as we love them. And, of course, this case will not be the exception, so if you’ve ever wondered why your cat covers his face when he sleeps, here I’m going to give you more than one possible explanation. Although I advance you, it has nothing to do with how much he surely adores you.

why do cats cover their face when they sleep - keep warmth

Why do cats cover their face when they sleep? 6 common reasons

Cats have many different sleeping positions, some of which give clues about their mood or possible illness, while others are entirely for their pleasure and comfort. Let’s discover why your cat hides his precious face when napping.

1. To keep warmth

It’s no secret that cats love warmth, and, of course, if their body temperature usually exceeds 100 degrees, it’s no wonder they prefer warm, cozy places. That’s precisely why they sleep curled up and with their faces covered, as this keeps their faces and the rest of their bodies warm.

It is said that body heat escapes through the extremities, that is, through the paws, ears, and, yes, also through their little nose. That is why these intelligent cats do well to cover it with their paws and tail, even some also bury their face in a blanket for extra comfort.

You will see your cat’s face covered, especially on cold winter days. Now that you know that your cat loves to sleep warm don’t hesitate to offer him an extra blanket, or you can even place a heating pad under his bed. He will be the happiest cat in the neighborhood.

2. To block the light

A bit obvious, isn’t it? Of course, just like humans, cats also prefer to sleep in the dark because even if their eyes are closed, their eyelids still catch the light, which doesn’t allow the brain to rest fully. Although your cat probably doesn’t know this, he does know that it’s not comfortable to sleep in a bright light, so he covers his pretty eyes every time he wants to take a nap.

You will often see them sleeping in front of the window, with the sun in front of them and, of course, their face covered, and you will probably think, but why don’t they lie down in a darker place? The answer has a lot to do with the first reason they cover their faces in the first place. When I said that cats love the heat, it was true. They would rather sleep warm than in a dark room.

3. To block the noise

Cats are usually very light sleepers. Any noise puts them on alert and interrupts their sacred sleep, so they often resort to covering their ears with their paws or, better yet, burying their heads on their fluffy beds to block out disturbing sounds.

why do cats cover their face when they sleep - block noise

While it is true that cats are usually always on alert to protect themselves from any attack or flee from danger, the reality is that most of them feel very comfortable and safe in their home, especially if you are close to them, which allows them the luxury of ignoring the world, covering their ears and sleeping comfortably.

4. For mere comfort

Do you have a sleeping posture that others find strange or even uncomfortable, but you love it? Well, your cat does too, and chances are he covers his face when he sleeps just because he feels comfortable doing so. Maybe his paws are more stretched out in front of her, or maybe he uses them as a pillow, or perhaps it’s that warmth that makes him feel even more comfortable and cozy.

Whatever, but he must sleep very comfortably because it’s a very recurring position in not one but all cats. Although cats often adopt anatomically uncomfortable postures (at least for us), it’s very typical. Still, I advise you always to research if that posture doesn’t hide some medical detail. For example, when a cat sleeps with its face against the floor, it may be to block the light, but also because he is in pain.

Keep a lookout for any change in your cat’s posture, and if you notice something strange, don’t hesitate to consult your vet.

5. Safe position

You may not think about it very often, but just as your cat is an excellent hunter of small prey, it can also be the perfect prey for a larger animal, so it must be alert to protect itself. Maybe your cat sleeps with his face covered to prevent some villain from hurting his eyes or mouth (biting machine), super essential parts of his body without which he would be defenseless.

Okay, it may be unlikely since the cat knows he lives in a safe environment and has your protection, but if you have a paranoid kitty, it may be one of the reasons.

6. A polite way of saying: Do not disturb

Our friendly cats have many ways of letting us know when they don’t like something or when they want us to leave them alone, a little nibble, a mean look, and in this case, covering their face to tell us, “I want to sleep, don’t touch me, please“. Very respectable.

We all deserve to sleep comfortably without anyone bothering us, so the next time you see your cat trying to sleep, it’s best to leave him alone. You don’t want to risk the following warning being a scratch.

why do cats cover their face when they sleep - do not disturb

Why do cats cover their face when they sleep? Final words 

There are always many possibilities with cats, so it’s up to you to figure out exactly why your cat covers his face when he sleeps. If you decipher the enigma, you can help him sleep more comfortably! Whatever the reason, I’m sure your cat will appreciate you trying to understand his complicated body language. It’s undoubtedly a great show of affection.

Now that you know why cats cover their faces when they sleep, it’s time to enjoy a good nap with your furry friend between your legs. And if he starts covering his face, don’t worry—he’s just telling you that he is comfortable and secure around you! Good luck!

Have you ever seen your cat cover its face while sleeping? Tell us in the comments, or share a picture with us!

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