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Why does my cat attack my feet?

Why does my cat attack my feet?” If we had to describe cats in a nutshell, we could define them as independent, intense, and unpredictable. Whatever your little feline is, I am sure these three adjectives fit her perfectly, and perhaps, especially the last one, unpredictable, or who can say that their cat has never taken them by surprise?

Maybe one day, you were getting ready in front of the mirror when suddenly you discover in the reflection that your cat has been watching you all the time from a corner. Or how about that day you left the plate with food on the table, and when you came back, you found your cat stealing a piece, not to mention those common surprise attacks?

Without a doubt, I bet every cat parent has been the victim of a tender or, in some cases, ferocious attack from their cat, depending on the context, of course. And you won’t let me lie. Cats usually prefer to attack our feet as if they were delicious prey they must hunt. For example, my cat always jumps at my feet when I’m about to go to bed. Every night it’s the same, but why is that?

why does my cat attack my feet - playful

If you, like me, are wondering why your cat seems to have a strange taste for attacking your feet, you’ve come to the right place because I’ll share everything I found with you.

Why does my cat bite my feet? 4 common reasons

You must remember that cats can’t talk to us, so their communication will almost always be through body language. Even if you think you know your cat one hundred percent, all its movements can mean different things depending on the situation. Even if your cat bites you, it doesn’t always mean she is angry or wants to hurt you. Sometimes bites are attention calls. So let’s find out what those bites mean!

1. Playful nibbles

All cats love to play, especially if they are young and energetic. Any object can be a toy, from the classic fort made of cardboard boxes to a hair tie. The options are endless, and your remarkable and fun feet are within that infinity.

Strange as it may seem, your feet are an incredible source of fun, and I’ll tell you why; If you are walking, they are something to follow. If you are still, they become easy prey. If you are lying down and covered with a blanket and move your feet, they become a mystery to discover and catch. If you are wearing furry and padded slippers, even better, your feet become a flashy and sensational new toy to possess.

2. Love nips

As for us, kisses and hugs are demonstrations of affection and closeness. For cats, it’s the same with licking and nipping. When a cat is young, it learns to associate the grooming it receives from its mother with affection, an act it only performs with buddies in its close circle, i.e., those it trusts and with whom it shares social and affectionate bonds.

To groom themselves, cats lick their fur, but they also take small bites to remove debris or undo knots. This is how cats begin to give each other gentle nibbles, no longer as a form of allogrooming, but to provide a “kiss” or a “hug” to their littermates.

If you are playing with your cat one day and she gives you a gentle bite, it communicates her love and tells you that she is happy and comfortable. These bites are known as love nips. Pay attention, and you’ll realize that your cat doesn’t do this with anyone. Maybe you’re the only lucky one worthy of her unconditional love.

why does my cat attack my feet - attention seeker

3. Attention seeker

As I had mentioned, the best way to communicate is through body language, and what better way to get your attention than a nibble on your feet? There is no way you can ignore it.

Whether your cat needs something and wants you to help, or if you are bothering her and she wants some personal space, a nibble is a powerful way to let you know. It’s essential to identify whether it was a soft or hard bite, so you’ll know if your cat is asking for a tasty snack or is telling you she’s upset. For example, my cat bites my feet to remind me not to go to sleep without one last play session.

4. Hunting instinct

As you imagined, your cat has a strong hunting instinct, and your feet are the ideal prey. Your cat cannot ignore this ancestral instinct. Even though she no longer needs to hunt to survive, it is part of her nature to look for small animals, insects, or, worst case, toys that she can chase.

If your cat is indoors all the time, it will likely seek to satisfy this need with objects that you wouldn’t usually think of, for example, the broom or, why not, your feet. If you are walking through the house one day and see your cat crouching in a hunting position and then pouncing at your feet, yes, a nibble is next, so be careful.

Why does my cat attack my feet, and how can I stop it?

Cats are creatures of habit, so it’s very likely that if they have attacked your feet once, they will repeat it constantly. There are several ways to prevent this from being a recurring behavior, but the most important is that if your cat does something you don’t like, don’t encourage it, and this rule applies to any behavior. If your cat bites your feet, don’t chase her and turn it into a game because she will think she just found a new game to spend time with you, and later she won’t see that it bothers you.

If your cat bites your feet, ignore it, and walk away calmly, so she doesn’t associate the bite with your attention. You mustn’t run away, and don’t try to push her away abruptly or kick her because she will also associate this with a game. You can also choose to gently remove your cat from your feet calmly, not to scare her away but to let her know that you’re not playing. Once this is done, you can walk away or leave the room.

why does my cat attack my feet - how to stop it

If the cat has not yet bitten you, but you notice that she is about to do so, you can choose to redirect its attention. This technique works every time. You can make a soft noise, for example, by dropping a pen or distracting her with a laser or one of her favorite toys. Put into practice one of these tricks, and with a lot of patience and several attempts, your cat will stop biting your feet.

Why does my cat attack my feet? Final words

Now that you know why your cat attacks your feet, it’s time to understand your cat better and learn how to react in these situations. Remember that cats are creatures of habit, so if you don’t want them to get used to something, don’t encourage them. React calmly and redirect their attention when needed.

Most importantly, remember that cats use their body language to communicate with humans, so never forget the love nips or hugs they give us daily. Let’s not forget that no matter how far away our furry friends can sometimes seem from us, we are still family to each other! Does your cat attack your feet too? Comment below and tell us how you handle it!

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