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Why does my cat lay on my chest?

We all know cats could be a very particular pet to have. Sometimes it can feel not like a pet but like a roommate or a tenant who keeps demanding fresh food and new toys every day. It isn’t easy to win their affection. That is why when they suddenly decide to sleep or lay on top of you, you may wonder, “why does my cat lay on my chest?” Does this mean you love me now, or are you just using me again? The answer is quite simple, both.

Your cat seeks love

Perhaps this is the most apparent reason, but your cat loves you.

Cats are so independent and unexpressive that sometimes we don’t know how to recognize when they are being affectionate. Cat owners may not have their furry friends wagging their tails while waiting at the doorstep to say, “WELCOME, I MISS YOU!”.

why does my cat lay on my chest - love

Instead, they have a cat that says: oh, you are back, whatever. This conduct is why it is so rewarding when your kitty cat decides to show a little love, and a way to do it is by sleeping around you. Finally, after a long time of trying to bond, your cat sees you as part of the pack! Think of it as if your cat says: I love you, I like to spend time with you.

Your cat seeks safety

When cats are young, they usually sleep close to their mother and are surrounded by their siblings to gain warmth and protection. If your cat sleeps on you or your family members, it shows you that you now have that job as an honorary member of its clan.

why does my cat lay on my chest - safety

Your cat trusts you and knows that while they sleep, they are most vulnerable but that you will protect them. Do not forget that cats, by nature, are predators. Their survival instinct is much stronger than that of a dog, they are always alert and ready for action, but when they are with you, they can relax a little and take a long nap.

Your cat seeks comfort 

Cats sleep around 16 hours per day, and while they can get pretty creative when it comes to deciding where to sleep, one of their favorite places is around their human. Perhaps knowing that they are in good hands is more comfortable than a couple of soft cushions.

And even though the body temperature of cats is usually high, approximately 100 °F, they tend to be in search of warmth. They love to sunbathe and lie down in a comfy cardboard box or you, their favorite human thermal pillow.

why does my cat lay on my chest - comfort

Yes, in addition to being comfortable for them, cats also absorb heat from our bodies, but hey, don’t worry! Your cat isn’t that selfish. The good news is that they also share their warmth with you! It’s a win-win situation.

But why do they lay exactly on your chest? Well, for a couple of biological reasons

Because of the multiple sebaceous glands, your face and head have a distinctive smell, and your cat likes it. It is a familiar and soothing scent, and being close to it helps them sleep better.

Another reason they like to lay on your chest is that they are attracted to the comforting sound of your heart and your rhythmic breathing, Just like a baby being rocked by its mom.

And you may not guess this last one, but yes, your cat likes to stare at you! Have you ever woken up and discovered your cat on your chest looking at you? Either they find you beautiful or love you, but no doubt your cat sees you as pleasant to look at, and your chest has the best seat in town.

There are no significant risks for sleeping with your cat unless its hair causes you some irritation. The worst that can happen is that they wake you up because they walk or jump on you in the middle of the night.

The benefits of sleeping with your pet are multiple. For example, it helps you release stress, and it improves your bond by helping you both sleep happily and warmly.

And don’t forget that cats are susceptible to energies. They will know when you are worried or sad and will do their best to lift your spirits in the best way they can by settling down near you to transmit their warmth, love, and tenderness.

Whether it’s time to sleep, when they are scared or stressed, when they are cold, or when they want to receive some love, as you see, your cat’s habit can be beneficial for you too! Whoever said cats were cold and grumpy is because they never had one.

Why does my cat lay on my chest? The bottom line

There you have it! Now you know why your cat loves to lay on your chest and why it is suitable for both of you. So, next time your cat decides to take a nap on you, don’t move. Let them be and enjoy the moment.

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