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Why does my cat meow when I pick her up?

As a cat parent, one of my favorite moments with my kitten is when we cuddle. The truth is that almost every time I see her walk by, I feel the urge to pick her up and give her love. That fluffy fur deserves lots of good pats and strokes. Sometimes when I pick her up, she purrs, which lets me know that she is happy and likes to be handled, but other times she meows, sometimes as soon as I pick her up and sometimes after a minute or two, which makes me wonder, doesn’t she like to be picked up or what does she want to tell me? Why does my cat meow when I pick her up?

Cats can’t speak English, and we can’t speak to cats, so we have to meet in the middle and start learning to read their body language, which is not that complicated and gives us a lot of valuable information to get to know our cats better. So I set out to investigate what are the reasons why my cat meows when I carry her, and what I found out is something exciting.

why does my cat meow when I pick her up - happy

Why does my cat meow I pick her up? 6 common reasons

I’m sure my cat can’t be the only one who does it, so I’ll share the information I found. Now you’ll know exactly what your little friend wants to tell you every time she meows.

1. Your cat is happy!

Your cat loves to be held and showered with an affection almost as much as you enjoy doing it. Luckily for you, your cat doesn’t mind the physical contact. On the contrary, she likes it and gets so happy that in addition to expressing it with his classic purr, she also starts meowing with excitement.

When cats like to be carried, they also tell you that they enjoy your company and love you because I can assure you that they won’t want to be taken by anyone. Watch closely, and you’ll notice that besides meowing when a cat is happy, its body will also be relaxed, and it may also head-bunt you to reinforce their bond of trust.

2. Your cat is saying hello

Believe it or not, your cat also has manners and, in her way, greets you. Imagine that soft meow is a hello! The next time you return home after spending a long time away, notice that your cat is always at the door, and most of the time, she meows. She is saying hello, and welcome back!

And the same happens when you carry her around because it is not the same to see you from the ground at a considerable distance than to have you very close face to face, so she greets you delightedly and lets you know that she is more than comfortable in your arms.

3. Your car doesn’t like being held

I’m sorry to inform you that this can also be a reason. Maybe your cat, like mine, meows because she doesn’t like to be picked up, or at least not for a long time or not all the time. My cat is more than happy to be carried if I’m going out for a walk, she enjoys the ride in my arms, but if I handle her inside the house, she lets me touch her for a few moments, then she meows and almost instantly jumps up and leaves. Tough love.

As much as we would like it not to be like this, this is the cruel reality, and we cannot change it, as we have to respect the limits of our cat, but really, don’t try to force her because then you’ll be at risk of getting a sound bite.

why does my cat meow when I pick her up - something hurts

4. Something hurts

Suppose your cat doesn’t meow when you carry her in your arms, but suddenly, one day, she does. Perhaps it’s because she is sick or injured and in pain. Possibly when you held her, you pressed an area where she has an injury, or maybe she is not feeling well, and her body is susceptible, or her mood is not the best.

When a cat has a medical problem, there are usually more symptoms. For example, maybe she eats less, seems lethargic, is more irritable, or hides. If your cat meows when you pick her up and she is also showing any of these symptoms, she could be sick, so don’t hesitate and call the veterinarian.

5. Your cat is feeling anxious

Cats get stressed and anxious very quickly, and any change can be a trigger, even the slightest. Maybe you changed your perfume, and they find the scent too strong, or maybe your new decoration bothers them, or your dinner guests scare them. If your cat is having a bad day, her attitude will be much more irritable, so it is possible that when you hold her, she will not greet you with joy, and instead, she will meow to complain that you have picked her up without her consent.

You will notice it immediately because when a cat is not at ease, her body tenses up, her ears flatten, and she will try to run to get as far away as possible.

6. Chatty cat

Some cats are so talkative that they can’t help it. Any opportunity is good to meow, and what better than being so close to you and at the same height as you? If your cat is one of them, rest assured that she loves to be held in your arms to tell you all about her day, you can even talk to her, and she won’t hesitate to give her opinion through chirps and soft meows.

why does my cat meow when I pick her up - chatty cat

Why does my cat meow when I pick her up? Final thoughts

Have you discovered why your cat meows when you hold her in your arms? It can be more than one. It all depends on the situation. And even if your cat doesn’t like to be carried in your arms, don’t worry. There are many more occasions when you can show affection and have a good time with her.

Remember that whenever your cat meows, it is to give you a message. Since cats only meow to communicate with humans, if you have several cats, you will notice that they don’t communicate with each other through meows. Now you know if you hear a meow, someone is calling for you, so pay attention and find out what your little ball of fur has to say.

Does your cat meow when you pick her up? Please share your experience with us in the comments section!

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