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Why does my cat sleep next to me?

Cats are such independent animals that many times when they have certain attitudes toward us, it seems a bit strange, and we don’t know how to interpret it, for example, when after wandering all day and only approaching to ask for food, at night they come back to sleep with us.

The body language of cats can be a great mystery, mainly because the same gesture can have several meanings. This mystery is why today we will try to crack it to reveal the answers to this fantastic riddle, “why does my cat sleep next to me?

Alas, cats can also sleep on top of you and knead you with their little paws while purring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same as sleeping next to you. So what does it mean when your cat snuggles up against you at night?

My cat sleeps next to me. But why? 6 common reasons

You should know there isn’t only one reason your feline friend shares his nights next to you, and we will give you the most common ones. Of course, there could be more reasons beyond these, but we will only mention the most frequent. Let’s get started!

1. You are your cat’s safe place

Just as you read it, for your cat, there is no safer place than with you because he is sure that, whatever the problem, you will help and protect him. That’s why he blindly trusts you with his life when he is most vulnerable and exposed.

It’s almost like the ultimate proof of love and trust that a cat can give you because he also lets you know that he considers you part of his close circle. Remember, in nature, only cats of the same family sleep together.

why does my cat sleep next to me - safe place

2. Cats are territorial

This reason is more than well known. When a cat arrives in a new place, it declares everything around it as its own, including the people there, even more so if it is its favorite human.

Cats use their secret weapon, pheromones, to make sure they mark their territory in the best possible way. These small odorless hormones are imperceptible to us but tell cats a lot of valuable information. Pheromones can help your cat identify the sex of another cat or if a female cat is in heat, and they can also tell if another cat has already claimed that spot before it.

Cats spread their pheromones around your house, but they also spread them on you to ensure that all the cats around you know that you belong to them. By sleeping with you and smearing their pheromones on you, they also keep a close eye on you so no one will steal their most beloved possession, you.

3. Your cat is bonding with you

Your cat loves you and loves to spend time with you, whether playing or sleeping. Both serve to create a strong bond of friendship and trust.

This attitude comes from when cats are young, sleeping beside their mother and littermates, side by side. Doing this keeps them warm and safe and reinforces their bond of familiarity and loyalty, as it is an intimate and trusting act. When a cat chooses to sleep next to you, it tells you that it counts on you and loves you very much.

4. Your cat seeks comfort and warmth

Cats love to feel cozy and warm, and what better way to accompany this sweet feeling than with their favorite human in the world? Your cat’s body temperature usually ranges between 100 and 102 degrees. Hence, they naturally look for the room temperature to be high, and when it’s time to sleep, they prefer cozy places like a cardboard box next to a heater or perhaps in bed next to you.

We may not notice it, but our body gives off energy or heat, so whenever we are cold and someone h. The same happens with your cat, who takes advantage of this free source of energy when we feel warmer.

5. Your cat is a bit of an advantageous

Would it surprise you if I told you that your cat is a bit advantageous? Not really, right? Well, another reason they sleep next to you is nothing more and nothing less than to take care of their primary food source, who always supplies them with the crunchiest kibble and the most delicious treats, you! Nothing better than sleeping next to their gold mine to make sure no one borrows it.

why does my cat sleep next to me - keep watch

6. Your bed is the perfect place to keep watch

And of course, your cat sleeps next to you because your bed is very comfortable for him, it is much bigger, fluffier and warm, because indeed you have more than one blanket on top. But it is also a high point from which he can watch his territory and jump to protect it when necessary.

Why does my cat sleep next to me? Final words

Many reasons motivate a cat to sleep next to its favorite human, from being warm all night and protecting its territory to showing lots of love, or maybe all at the same time. If you like having your cat sleep with you but are concerned that it may have some consequences, unless you are allergic, there is no problem.

On the contrary, several studies suggest that sleeping with a pet dramatically reduces stress levels and promotes a night of restful sleep.

Have you ever had a cat that sleeps next to you? Tell us in the comments if you liked it and what other reasons you think may exist. And remember, consult your veterinarian immediately if you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s health.

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