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Why does my cat stare at the wall?

It is often said that cats have special abilities that few would understand, that they have a sixth sense and that one of their missions is to help clean the environment of bad energies. After hearing these stories hundreds of times, it is expected that when you notice that your cat has been sitting for a long time staring at the wall with such intensity, you think that maybe he is seeing something that you cannot perceive and think, “why does my cat stare at the wall“?

Is he seeing something I can’t see? Let me tell you that most likely, yes, he is seeing something that you can not distinguish. But don’t panic, because it’s not ghosts or hidden energies.

why does my cat stare at the wall - see something we can't

Why do cats stare at walls? Here are the 2 most common reasons

There are several reasons why your curious cat spends long minutes observing the wall, almost as if it was a good movie, and to understand why we must first start from the premise that cats are weird. Yes, they are, and they have very different hobbies than ours.

For example, did you know that when a cat is concentrating, it becomes petrified, as if it has been put on pause? It may not be that your cat is staring at the wall. It’s that it’s concentrating on its feline thoughts. That said, let’s find out what motivates your cat to spend his time looking at your beautiful wall.

1. They can see something we can’t

We all have different abilities. Just as humans can reason and grow food, cats can see at a higher range than we do. While it is true that these little furry ones don’t see as many colors as we do, the truth is that they require minimal amounts of light to have perfect vision, which is why they move so quickly at night, plus their peripheral vision has a range of up to 200°, unlike ours that only reaches 180°. Incredible, isn’t it?

Since these guys have excellent vision, it isn’t strange that they can see things that we ignore, such as tiny insects or the figures that form the sun’s rays through your window. Many times cats stare at the wall because they can see a spider web or because they are watching a shadow. After all, cats are super curious and don’t miss the opportunity to investigate whatever catches their attention.

2. They hear things we don’t

Did you know that your cat has an incredible sense of hearing? The truth is that the body of cats is fantastic, with perfect vision, powerful hearing, and not to mention their sense of smell. Just as dogs have an ear that can hear very high frequencies that we don’t perceive, cats tell them, “excuse me, I can listen to even better“.

If a cat is looking at the wall, it may be that some faint sound has caught his attention, and he’s trying to figure out what it is. Maybe it’s that classic sound of creaking walls or floors, or perhaps water running down the pipes, or even an insect or rodent that has made its way into your house and is crawling along the inside of the wall, or, well, maybe your nosy cat is listening to your neighbors’ conversations.

why does my cat stare at the wall - hear things we don't

Why does my cat stare at the wall? Should I be concerned?

There is nothing to worry about if your cat spends time staring at the wall, even if he doesn’t seem to see anything interesting. Perhaps his super feline abilities have picked up on something. It’s only when you notice some other unusual behaviors in your cat that you might start to worry. Here are the two most common cases where staring at the wall could be a symptom of something else.

1. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

It is a recently discovered syndrome on which there is not much information, but that causes hypersensitivity in your cat’s skin and usually occurs more frequently on the back and at the base of the tail. It is often confused with aggression or stress since the cat’s reaction is usually to attack when it receives a pet in the affected area.

The most recurrent symptoms are excessive sensitivity, excessive grooming, dilated pupils, fur may ripple, howling, and anxiety-related behaviors, e.g., staring at the wall.

2. Feline Cognitive Dysfunction

Unfortunately, cats also age and grow older, and with age come certain natural conditions, such as well-known dementia in humans, where the mind is no longer as sharp as it used to be. The same is valid for cats, and although it isn’t a general rule, some may show symptoms of cognitive impairment such as confusion, which can cause them to sit staring at the wall or into the void without knowing where they are or what they should be doing.

In both cases, it is recommended that you go to a veterinarian for guidance on the best way to deal with the situation. Remember that you are the only support network your cat has. Take care of it with love and patience.

why does my cat stare at the wall - feline cognitive dysfunction

Why does my cat stare at the wall? Final thoughts

One more feline mystery solved! As you can see, there is nothing to worry about, your home is not infested with terrifying ghosts, and your cat has extraordinary sensory abilities that occupy his attention. Whether it’s a ray of sunshine moving on your wall, or a tiny spider walking along the edge of the window, your cat is always aware of what’s happening around him and will want to know more and more.

What better method than focused observation? Perhaps we should learn something from our curious little furries. Have you ever found your cat staring at the wall? Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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