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Are Maine Coons friendly? It depends

Maine Coons are an adorable and super popular cat breed. They are known as the gentle giants, the cats with dog personalities, and one of the fluffiest house kitties. Both their physique and tender personality make many fall in love with them. Maine Coons always compete for the top spot of the most popular cat breed among households in the United States. But are Maine Coons friendly? Are Maine Coons different vs. regular cats? That’s what we’re going to explain today.

The Maine Coon, physically very similar to the Norwegian Forest cat, has a very peculiar appearance with a face that is far from that of a small cat with fine features. These furries have squared and highlighted facial bones, which gives them a funky wildcat look and makes them appear serious. So many people wonder, could this famous cat be right for me? Are these cats rude?

If you are also asking yourself the same question, I will answer your doubts in this article and tell you why the Maine Coon is a beautiful cat and perfect for any home. And to answer your main question once and for all, are Maine Coons friendly? Let me start by telling you they are, and very much so!

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A little about the Maine Coons

As their name indicates, these guys are originally from the state of Maine, in the United States, where a cat with thick and long hair, coming from Europe, was crossed with an American cat, also with long hair and a thick tail, similar to the raccoons. This exotic union resulted in a kitten with long hair, a double coat, a long furry tail, and a much more prominent size than average. These giants were brought to Europe only a few years ago, in the 1980s, quickly becoming a time favorite. There’s also a “European Maine Coon“.

Their name comes from the union of the name of the state from which they originate and the name of the animal they resemble, the raccoon, and voilá, Maine Coon!

What does a Maine Coon look like?

The peculiar and unmistakable Maine Coon is a large cat that usually weighs between 13 and 18 pounds and can measure up to 40 inches long, from nose to tail. They are known for their large size, strong musculature, and large, solid paws. Their muzzle is square and adorned with long, broad ears and lovely tufts of hair.

The Maine Coon’s coat is long and thick, and as mentioned above, it has a double coat, making it a very hairy cat. The undercoat is shorter and waterproof, so these cats are not concerned about water. Like the rest of the body, it has a furry tail, which we could compare to a broom.

And if the color matters to you, you will have a lot to choose from with them because they are available in more than 30 colors, and their eyes are usually green, golden, or copper.

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Are Maine Coons friendly? Winning personality

One reason that makes the Maine Coon one of everyone’s favorite cats is its charming personality. If I had to describe them in a few words, I would say they are gentle, amiable, super affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and playful cats.

This cat is so devoted to his human family; he enjoys spending time with them, sleeping, following them around the house, and playing. As affectionate as he is, he is independent, so you won’t have to worry. He is neither a velcro cat nor a lap cat. You are looking at one of the most talkative cats around, as the Maine Coon loves to tell you how his day is going, respond when you talk to him, and give his opinion on what is going on at home, so prepare yourself for constant meows and chirps.

If you are still not convinced, I will explain why this cat is said to have a dog’s personality. The Maine Coon, besides being playful even while old, is friendly with everyone, family, strangers, and even pets. He is always open and curious to meet new friends.

They are fantastic with kids

The coexistence between a cat and a small child is usually complicated because cats are temperamental, and even if they are very tender, they don’t like to be bothered, much less by a child who still doesn’t know how to measure his strength. If you have kids at home, one of your best options is a Maine Coon, because these furry cats are extra patient and gentle (they won’t use their powerful claws) and are made for harsh environments. They are pretty resistant.

It is essential to point out that we must teach children to play respectfully with animals, always respecting their limits.

Maine Coons are everyone’s best friend

This playful cat loves to play and explore, and what better way to do it than in company, even if it has to be with a dog? His relaxed character and the confidence his large size gives him makes the friendly Maine Coon approach other animals without any problem, especially dogs, with whom he gets along wonderfully.

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They are the most loving cat

And, of course, if you adopt a Maine Coon, in addition to taking home a super curious and intelligent cat, you will be gaining the most loyal and loving friend in the world. Once they trust someone, they won’t stop showing their love by purring, rubbing, kneading, and kissing them.

Your Maine Coon will follow you wherever you go and will always be willing to be held, cuddled, and pampered. This cat may be a giant, but he still has a loving and childish personality.

Are Maine Coons friendly? Final words

Now that you know why a Maine Coon can be your best friend, it’s time to go out and adopt one of these beautiful cats. They are ideal for families with children or other pets and will make your life much happier.

Maine Coons are gentle giants that will instantly win a place in your heart. So what are you waiting for? Find your Maine Coon friend! Do you already have a Maine Coon? Tell us about his personality in the comments below!

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