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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Have you ever wondered why your cat follows you every step? Of course, you might think that the reason is that they like to spend time with you. However, as curious as it may be, there are several motives. Let’s end the mystery so you can stop asking yourself, “why does my cat follow me everywhere?”.

From the most common to the most concerning, it’s always helpful to learn what your furry friend’s actions mean. This way, you can rest assured you are prepared to meet their needs.

Top reasons why your cat follows you around:

Kitty enjoys sharing time with you

As you guessed, your cat loves you and enjoys your company. You are one of the pack now, and your kitty doesn’t mind having you around all day. Your cat loves your company. It may seem strange to you, but it is a sign of trust. Share the love and give them some cuddles!

why does my cat follow me everywhere - enjoy time

You are their guardian now

When they are little, kittens follow their mother everywhere. This way, they learn everything from her and, at the same time, feel much safer. When you take them home, perhaps without realizing it, you become their parent because now you feed them, provide them with a safe place to sleep, clean their litter box and take care of their health.

Cats love laying in your chest for the same reason. This protection is why it is natural for them to start following you as they did when they were young.

Cats are territorial

As you may have already noticed, cats are usually quite territorial. When they arrive in a new space, they declare it theirs and protect it from anyone. Hence one of their favorite activities is to take care of their territory. And what better way to do it than walking around the house during the day, guarding and spreading its scent.

Your cat likely thinks that you are doing the same thing when you come and go around the house, so they decide to accompany you in your surveillance tasks, making sure that you scare away all the intruders. And something that we can’t forget is that cats are routine animals, so in addition to going around for safety, your cat may follow you simply because it got used to it.

Your cat is playing

What is the favorite game of all cats? Right, hunt! Surely you have noticed your cat following you stealthily, hiding behind the chairs, watching you, and waiting for the perfect moment to jump and attack your legs. Your cat obeys his ancestral instinct to hunt and survive but does it as a game that includes you.

Another popular game among cats is chase and catch. They usually play with each other, taking turns chasing and catching, but if they don’t have furry friends, they will try to play with you. Try to follow the game, and you will see that it can be pretty fun. It’s an excellent opportunity to have fun and create a stronger bond with your kitty.

why does my cat follow me everywhere - playing

Cats also enjoy watching their owners, especially those house cats that don’t have as much opportunity to hunt or explore new spaces because they are always inside. These cats will find it fascinating to see what their owners do and how they do it, and that is why they will follow them, so they don’t miss anything. If this is your case, think of it as your cat becoming your fan.

Your cat needs help

Although cats are very independent animals, they also need a little help from time to time. Asking for help may be one of the reasons why your cat is following you insistently. Even though they can’t speak, they might be trying to say something, and their way of doing it is through body language. Pay attention, and you will understand the message.

  • It’s time to eat. Your cat is starving! or maybe it’s just in the mood for a tasty snack.
  • The litter box needs to be cleaned
  • Kitty needs attention
  • Your cat feels sick
why does my cat follow me everywhere - need help

Let’s talk a little bit about this last one.

Most cats prefer to hide when they are not feeling well, lying down in a corner, but some others seek the company of their owners to feel comforted. Here it is essential to pay attention to the typical behavior of your cat. Maybe your cat always follows you and suddenly stops doing it, or maybe your cat never follows you, and now it acts like your shadow. Either can be an indication that your cat needs to visit the vet.

Fun fact:  has a stray cat ever followed you? He follows you because that ferocious kitty needs your help to get water, food, or a little love.

Separation anxiety

Now, this is an important one. Your cat can follow you all day because it is having a hard time spending time on its own. If this is the case, you will certainly identify a few of these too:

  • Destructive behavior
  • Urinating or defecating outside the litter box
  • Excessive grooming, resulting in bald patches
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Excessive eating or not eating
why does my cat follow me everywhere - separation anxiety

To help your distressed buddy, you can consider leaving the tv or radio on, providing enough stimulating toys, hiding treats for them to find, moving their bed outside of your room, or using cat pheromones.

Lady cat issues

Some female cats begin to follow their owner more than usual when they are in heat. They tend to be more affectionate in this state and try to get some cuddles. Another way of letting you know is through persistent vocalization, so be prepared to be followed by a loving, chatty kitty for 3-6 days. Enjoy the love and make sure she doesn’t run away from home.

Why does my cat follow me everywhere? – The bottom line

The fact that your cat chases you doesn’t imply any problem. However, if you notice that your furry friend follows you as a hunting exercise, for example, jumping on towards your legs, scratching and biting you every time they do so, your cat may be bored and need more stimulation. Instead of your cat having to entertain itself by picturing your legs as delicious prey, try to get more toys to keep them distracted or spend more playtime with them.

In general, cats are becoming more social and enjoy spending time with their family. The number one reason cats spend their time following their owners is that they love them. Let us know in the comments if your cat follows you and why you think that is.

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