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Bambino Cat: A new breed with a unique appearance

If we talk about rare, uncommon, new cat breeds and those that almost nobody has seen, without a doubt, the trophy goes to the Bambino cats. Have you heard of them? No? Don’t feel bad. It’s normal not to know anything about this breed of cats because its origin goes back to nothing more and nothing less than the very (not so) distant 2005. That’s right, the oldest specimen of this breed is probably younger than you.

And if you wonder how a cat breed could have originated so recently, the answer is simple. It is a created cat breed. The cute Bambino cat combines the elegant and hairless Sphynx and the tiny and tender Munchkin.

The objective of the first breeders was to obtain a cat with the docile and sweet character of the parents, inheriting the hairless coat of the Sphynx and the short legs of the Munchkin.

Despite being an established cat breed, organizations such as The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) refuse to recognize the Bambino as a breed. They do not support experimentation in creating new cat breeds for aesthetic reasons.

Although the Bambino is a cute-looking cat, they derive from Munchkins, which in turn are an inbreeding between cats with the same genetic mutation of short legs, an aspect that causes them many health problems.

Perhaps this issue of congenital problems is better known with dogs, for example, with the famous English bulldogs or the pugs, but with cats, the same thing has happened for a long time.

Bambino Cat: Physical Characteristics

As already mentioned, the main attribute of a Bambino is their apparent lack of hair, although if you look closely, you can see that they have a light coat of hair, which looks more like fluff than hair. If you want a cat that doesn’t shed, the Bambino might be a good choice.

Some kittens have patches of hair in specific places such as the face, the tip of the tail, or scattered over their bodies. There are even some (rare) who have full coats. Their skin can be black, cream, white, or even mottled.

Bambino Cat - chracteristics

Because of their short legs, these little guys grow up to 8 inches long and generally weigh between 4 and 9 pounds. The Bambino has a distinctive wedge-type face, with a large set of ears and wide-spaced eyes. These kittens usually reach 15 years of age.

Bambino Cats: Personality

The Bambino cat is one of the most loving cat breeds in the world, so don’t be fooled by their harsh facial expressions. Any Bambino owner will tell you that their cat is the best friend of everyone at home, as these cats are famous for being more than friendly with people, children, and even other pets. In short, if you are looking for a family pet, this could be your ideal cat, tender but adventurous.

Despite having short legs and tiring a little faster than the average cat, the brilliant Bambino has a high energy level and enjoys spending his day playing or running around.

This breed needs to have an extensive repertoire of toys and requires a home where they can be cared for most of the day, as they are somewhat dependent on their humans. If you want a Bambino but work most of the day, having him may not be a good idea unless there is another pet at home that can keep him company.

Grooming Needs

As I’m sure you can imagine, due to their lack of fur, these cats do not require brushing but don’t get excited so fast because a Bambino cat needs, almost by rule, at least one bath a week, if not more. Cats’ skin secretes oil, which usually mixes with the fur, but Bambino cats, being hairless, keep all that natural oil in their skin, making it a bit sticky.

That sticky mixture between their many folds of skin is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s vital that you don’t skip any of their baths and that you clean them only with soap suitable for cats’ sensitive skin.

Bambino Cat - grooming skin

With Bambinos, it is crucial to take care of their skin. Since it is exposed all the time, it becomes more delicate. Besides bathing this kitten regularly, you have to take care of the cold, either with some sweaters or by having the right room temperature, and you also have to take care of the sun’s rays, because although they love the heat, they often suffer sunburns.

For the latter, you can opt for a specific sunscreen for cats, be careful not to put the same one you use, as it can be harmful to their health. It is always best to consult your veterinarian.

Bambino Cat: Health Conditions

In addition to taking care of its delicate skin, it is necessary to pay attention to the weight and posture of the Bambino cat. Since it has such short legs, a proper weight will take the load off its legs, giving it a better quality of life. Now, as for the health problems caused by short legs, there are two that predominate:


This condition causes an excessive inward curve of the cat’s lumbar spine, a condition that affects the internal organs. In severe cases, lordosis can be fatal.

Pectus Excavatum

This is a congenital deformity of the chest wall that causes a depression of the sternum, giving the chest a sunken appearance. It usually causes respiratory problems and can significantly affect their quality of life.

Bambino Cat: Summing things up

Despite being a very controversial cat breed, the Bambino cat is an excellent companion, full of love to share. This chatty cat will become your best adventure partner, ready to go everywhere with you. Be warned, though, to get one of these cats, you will probably have to travel to find it, and you can expect to pay up to $3,000 for one.

Remember, you can always go to your local shelter and adopt one of the hundreds of kittens looking for their forever home. Do you have a Bambino cat at home? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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