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5 Cats that don’t shed or shed less

Are you considering adopting a cat but are worried about having your house and furniture full of hair? It is a valid concern and worth considering before committing for many years because cat hair is so fine that it sticks easily to everything. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get rid of it. Luckily, some breeds of cats don’t shed, or at least they barely do.

If you want to know more about this critical topic, keep reading and prepare to find out which adorable kitties are among the list of lucky ones that shed very little!

Why do cats shed?

It is essential to know that all creatures shed skin and hair, including cats of any breed. The skin is a living organ that regenerates itself every day, and something similar happens with the hair. The shedding in cats allows them to get rid of dead hair and helps them release natural oils necessary for their skin. Otherwise, they would have many problems with dermal irritation.

Cats have shedding periods, approximately twice a year. They usually shed during the fall as they prepare their new coat for the winter and then shed again in the spring to remove the thick layer of hair they grew from the previous winter.

It would seem that shedding can be controlled when we constantly brush our cats, but this is just an illusion. In reality, the same amount of hair falls out. But if you brush it, you will remove it in an orderly manner, and if you don’t brush it, the coat will find a way to get rid of that dead hair through shedding, and it will be left all over your house.

5 Cats that shed the least


This cat beats them all, and that’s because the Sphynx is almost entirely hairless! If you look closely, you will notice that these peculiar kittens have a thin, practically invisible layer of fur. If you want a cat that doesn’t shed at all, this is your best choice because when your friend sheds his fluff, you won’t notice it.

cats that don't shed - sphynx

These guys are incredibly loving and tend to get very attached to their families. They are very playful and brilliant, so they enjoy mental agility games. Don’t let their lack of hair make you think they are low maintenance, as this makes it necessary to pay more attention to the care of their exposed skin.


All Siamese owners will tell you that their cat is like a little child, always full of energy, lots to talk about, more loving than anyone else, and always ready to play. This intelligent cat doesn’t like to spend time alone, it is said that they require a lot of attention, so they may not be suitable for everyone.

Although the Siamese does molt throughout the year, its short coat sometimes makes its hair loss go unnoticed or not as annoying as other breeds. There are multiple types of Siamese cats, though. Make sure you choose the one with the shortest coat.


This beautiful cat is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a leopard cat and is originally from the United States. They are the perfect mix of sweet and naughty. They are playful and loving, although they are not cats that enjoy being with children and other pets. Bengals are highly intelligent and are quick to learn how to use many objects such as doors, toilets, and light switches, but beware. They are not usually very docile.

cats that don't shed - bengal

These cats shed minimally that it almost appears as if they don’t at all, and this could be because of their short hair and beautiful pelt-like shiny coats. Bengals are also hypoallergenic cats because they produce less protein which causes allergies in humans.

But keep in mind that the protein causes allergies, not the fur, so if you’re allergic to cats but love them anyway, Bengal cats are a good option.


The panther cat is completely black and with green or golden eyes that seem to hypnotize. A highly people-oriented cat, the Bombay cat loves its family and rarely has a favorite. A Bombay cat is the breed for you if you want a cat that loves to spend time with you and is docile and playful.

cats that don't shed - bombay

The Bombay cat sheds very little hair, but it is still advisable to groom them every week to keep their unique coats healthy and shiny. Surely you wouldn’t want to spoil their dramatic look, would you?


Burmese cats are one of the most playful breeds out there. They love to play and do tricks in front of an audience. They are very loving to their family and tend to demand a lot of attention, so get ready to feel like the most special person in the world. This silly cat never runs out of energy. Even when they grow up, you will see them running around and playing like little ones.

These kittens have very short hair, just like the Siamese, and when they shed, it isn’t very noticeable, or at least it is not so annoying when removing it from clothes or furniture.

Cats that don’t shed: Conclusions

Whichever cat you choose to adopt, remember that even if they don’t shed much, it is vital that you give them constant maintenance to avoid any skin irritation problems. This way, you can make sure that your friend doesn’t carry fleas or ticks, and as a bonus, you can check its skin for strange bumps or scratches. Remember that low maintenance doesn’t mean a lack of attention.

Many other cute cat breeds might shed a bit more, but you might not even notice it because they will fill your life with so much love. Don’t forget to give plenty of love and attention to your new feline friend, no matter their breed!

Do you have any of these cats at home? Tell us in the comments how much hair your friend sheds!

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