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Do Maine Coon cats shed more than other cats?

Have you seen a Maine Coon kitten and fallen head over heels in love with him? If you want to adopt one of these gentle giants, but you’re still undecided because you don’t like the idea that it might fill your house with loose hair, you’ve come to the right place. Stop asking yourself, “do Maine Coon cats shed more than other cats?” I’m going to tell you something I’m sure you will love. Maine Coon cats, like any other feline breed, shed hair, but it’s so minimal that you’ll hardly notice it! So don’t overthink it and go for it.

Do Maine Coon cats shed more than other cats?

No, not at all! Maine Coons are enormous cats with very long hair, so it is expected that when you see them, you think they will be shedding like crazy, but as strange as it may seem, it is the opposite. They shed very little hair, even during the shedding season.

do maine coon cats shed more than other cats

These cats can have two different shedding cycles, and which one your cat has depends a lot on its genetics. While some shed year-round, other cats only shed during the shedding seasons, usually early spring and late fall. Regardless of what cycle your Maine Coon has, shedding is typically minimal, so you can be sure you won’t find your cat’s furry gifts all over your clothes.

Why do Maine Coons hardly shed?

The answer lies in the origin of this beautiful and calm breed. These giants come from the state of Maine, in the northeastern United States, where the climate is usually quite cold throughout the year, hence their double coats. Its two layers of fur protect it perfectly from freezing and the constant rain since it is also waterproof. While its inner layer is of shorter and woolly hair, which serves as a built-in sweater, the second layer of fur is long and thick, which helps keep water and snow from reaching its skin.

One of the reasons why this cat hardly sheds any hair is because both layers are made up of thick tufts of hair, making it more resistant.

Best tips for treating Maine Coon shedding

I’ve indeed said that Maine Coons hardly sheds any hair, but even so, there will be hair floating around in your house since absolutely all breeds of cats shed hair, including the Sphynx or the Dwelf cat. I will give you some tips that you can apply with any cat, they are essential, but you will see that they will help you a lot to reduce the amount of hair your kitty loses.

do maine coon cats shed - tips

The most important thing is to your help your cat stay clean at all times. Even if he bathes and grooms himself, you must ensure his hygiene is on point. You can start by bathing your cat once a month or every two months, as you consider best, and don’t be afraid of his size. They are usually easy to handle.

But I’ll be honest, as calm as these cats are, not all of them can handle a bath, and I know how dangerous those claws can be, so don’t risk it and keep your cat clean by using cat wipes. They help clean your cat’s fur and skin and remove dead hair. Plus, you and your cat will also avoid the stress of a tub bath.

A tip that every cat parent should follow is to brush their cat every day, it’s an excellent habit that will keep your cat’s coat soft and shiny, without knots or dead tufts of hair, plus cats usually love it. It’s a beautiful idea to spend quality bonding time with your cat (you’re grooming him).

If your cat doesn’t like to be brushed, try giving him treats at the end of each brushing. This way, he will start associating it with something positive, and it will become easier and easier for you to do it.

What if a Maine Coon is shedding excessively?

This shouldn’t happen at all, as a characteristic of the breed is minimal shedding, so if a Maine Coon is shedding excessively or more than regularly, something is likely affecting the health of its skin and coat.

Several reasons can lead a cat to have a dull and weakened coat, such as a diet poor in the nutrients needed for its age or perhaps a sign of a medical disease like cancer o hypothyroidism. It has also been seen that cats under constant stress may lose hair naturally or due to excessive grooming.

The weather is another factor that significantly influences the amount of hair shed by certain breeds of cats, such as the Maine Coon. These cats have a lot of hair to protect themselves from the cold, and when it is hot, their double coat doesn’t protect them from anything, so if they live in hot areas or if the heating in your house is always on, it is normal for them to shed all the hair they don’t need at that moment.

Heat and humidity have the same effect, and of course, imagine being out in the sun with an oversized coat on. You’d sure wish you could take it off to feel fresh.

do maine coon cats shed - what if

Do Maine Coon cats shed? Final thoughts

If you want to adopt a Maine Coon you can do it with the peace of mind that it won’t fill your clothes and furniture with unwanted hair, as these kittens shed very little. Aspects such as stress, poor quality food, or illness can cause your cat to shed, so if you notice that your Maine Coon is shedding excessively, it’s an alarm signal that you should solve as soon as possible before it becomes something more serious.

As you can see, having a cat involves a lot of care because you must pay attention to all aspects of your cat’s life. A balanced diet, proper house temperature, good hygiene, and a peaceful home significantly impact your kitty’s physical and mental health. So keep up the great work you are doing. Your cat will thank you forever.

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