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Do Ragdoll cats shed a lot? You’ll be surprised!

Ragdolls are one of the cutest and most popular cat breeds, and after getting to know them, it wouldn’t be surprising if you fall in love with them too. These beauties have a tender face that matches their sweet temperament, and if two things characterize them, it is their famous limp when carrying them. Hence they received the name ragdoll and their stunning fur, extra soft and silky. But with that long coat, one can’t help but wonder, “do Ragdoll cats shed a lot?

If you’re convinced that the Ragdoll is your ideal cat, but you’re worried about them shedding too much hair, you’ve come to the perfect place to learn everything you need to know about the coat of these cats.

Ragdoll coat

The Ragdoll is a medium-sized cat with an elongated and slender figure, which presents itself as a very harmonious and elegant cat. Although most Ragdolls have deep blue eyes, you can also find kitties with green or golden eyes, all equally perfect.

do ragdoll cats shed - coat

If that wasn’t enough to make you imagine a beautiful cat, their fur is semi-long and abundant, which gives them that fluffy and adorable appearance, plus their coat is so silky that it can be compared to that of a bunny. And let’s not forget their fabulous mane, as these little ones usually have longer hair around the neck. No doubt, it gives them a very regal look.

Ragdolls are born entirely white, and as the months go by, the fur on their extremities (face, ears, tail, and paws) becomes darker due to a genetic mutation that gives them that color-point pattern, like the Siamese. You can find white Ragdolls in combination with almost any tone, from the classic sealpoint, chocolate, lilac, and blue, to the less common red, cream, and tortie.

Do Ragdoll cats shed a lot?

When talking about Ragdoll cats, sometimes people think that because they have a short undercoat, they don’t shed at all, and I am sorry to disappoint you, but all cats in the world, regardless of their breed, shed hair, just some do it more than others.

When cats molt, they do so to renew their coat and be prepared with a brand new coat for the cold months or a light coat for the summer, and the fur they shed is precisely from their undercoat.

The Ragdoll’s undercoat is short and thin, which means that when it sheds, the amount is minimal compared to what a Maine Coon would shed. A cat’s undercoat keeps it warm, while its outer coat protects it from inclement weather, be it rain, snow, or sun. A Siberian cat, for example, has a long, thick undercoat to withstand shallow temperatures, but a Ragdoll, which doesn’t usually inhabit extreme climates, doesn’t need an all-terrain undercoat.

So don’t worry, your Ragdoll will shed as all cats do, but it will be very moderate, and there are many ways to keep it from becoming a problem.

do ragdoll cats shed a lot

Why is my Ragdoll shedding excessively?

While it is not common for a Ragdoll to lose a lot of hair, it does sometimes happen, the good news is that there is always a reason, and yes, it can always be fixed.

1. Season shedding

This cannot be avoided, as it is entirely natural. Cats shed in spring to get rid of excess hair and keep cool during the summer, and in the fall, they shed again so that their coat can regenerate and grow healthy for the winter. You will notice more shedding in your home, but not too much.

2. Central heating

Speaking of climate, some cats shed the same amount of hair all year round if they live in a temperature-regulated house, as their body doesn’t notice the change of season. However, if your home tends to be very hot or if you turn up the heat too much, your cat may shed more because it needs to cool down, so when you adjust the temperature in your house, don’t forget about your cat.

3. Poor diet

Like any cat, the Ragdoll needs a balanced diet rich in animal protein to stay healthy and have a firm coat. Otherwise, its hair roots will be weaker and tend to fall out. Make sure your cat’s food and snacks are suitable for its diet.

How to take care of a Ragdoll’s coat?

Maintenance is essential. Generally, your cat will groom himself daily and do most of the work, but his coat is long and may need some help.

When cats have long hair, it is recommended to bathe them at least once a month with specific shampoo for cats. This way, you will not irritate their skin, which in addition to causing itching, could favor the appearance of dandruff and hair loss. 

The most important part of your cat’s care routine will be his daily brushing, although if it seems complicated, do it every two days, but always take care that your cat’s hair remains free of knots. With daily brushing, you will prevent your cat from accumulating dead hair, and you will also help him to distribute hair oils throughout his body, which will keep his coat shiny and beautiful.

do ragdoll cats shed - season

Do Ragdolls shed? The bottom line

Like any other cat, Ragdolls shed hair, although fortunately, these furry cats shed very little, which gives them a lot of points in their favor. If one day you notice that your cat is shedding a lot, don’t hesitate to do a quick investigation to find out the cause – maybe your cat needs to adjust his diet, or perhaps it’s you who needs to adjust the thermostat.

Now you know everything there is to know about whether Ragdolls shed and how to take care of their beautiful coat. Let us know if you adopt one of these long-haired cats; we would love to hear about it!

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