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Seal Point Ragdoll: Beautiful with a lovely personality

When it comes to beautiful cats, the Seal Point Ragdoll is undoubtedly one of the winners because its elegant features and particular color make it a unique and not-so-common breed. As its name mentions, it is a Ragdoll with the characteristic of having its extremities in dark chocolate or seal color. That is to say, its mask, ears, feet, and tail are darker than the rest of the body in beige or cream color.

This unique breed has a lot to tell, so here are the ten most curious facts about a Seal Point Ragdoll that you should know.

Origins of the Ragdolls

These cute cats have an inquisitive name, and their story is even more peculiar. In the 1960s, in Riverside, California, a woman named Ann Baker rescued a kitten she had accidentally run over. A long-haired white kitty, who she bred with another long-haired, calm-tempered cat, resulting in a large, long-haired cat with a gentle, relaxed personality.

Ann called them Ragdoll because of their funny posture when carried, with their loose bodies and “limp” like rag dolls. The Cat Fanciers Association did not recognize this relatively new cat until 1993.

Seal Point Ragdoll: What is his personality like?

The Ragdoll is a cat with a dog personality, as they are very docile and friendly. They love their owners so much that they follow them everywhere, even greeting them happily at the door when they come home. These furry cats are what are known as lap cats. They love spending time with their loved ones and enjoy sitting or sleeping beside them. You will hardly find a more affectionate cat than a Raggie.

seal point ragdoll - personality

They are not the most energetic cats, but they enjoy playing and learning tricks and are brilliant, so mental agility games are ideal for them. If you’re looking for a well-behaved cat, you’ve found it because this quiet kitty doesn’t tend to get into mischief. And because of their calm nature, Ragdolls are not usually very vocal. If they want to tell you something, they will do so with a soft chirp.

Seal Point Ragdoll: What do they look like?

The Seal Point Ragdoll is characterized by having its limbs, face, ears, nose, tail, and legs, in a very dark brown color, just like a seal. At the same time, the rest of its body is a pale cream color, which highlights its points even more.

As we have already said, this large cat reaches 13 inches tall and can weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. It is not as big as a Maine Coon, but it is the size of an ordinary domestic cat.

The color of the eyes is attractive because although all Ragdolls are born with blue eyes, the actual color is not determined until two years of age! That’s right, in most cats, it is enough to wait until 4 months of age, but with these furry cats, their eyes can vary in color up to 24 months.

seal point ragdoll - characteristics

Seal Point Ragdoll: Is it a different breed than the regular Ragdoll?

A widespread doubt, and the answer is no, the Seal Point is a color that the Ragdolls can have, but it is still the same breed, with the same characteristics of personality, health, care, etc. 

There are dozens of color variations. Even within the general Seal Point variation, we can find more specific variations such as the Seal Mitted Ragdoll, Seal Tortie, or Seal Bicolor Ragdoll. All have the same color called seal but with some variation of tone or pattern that makes it different. 

What is the difference between the Seal Point and the Chocolate Point?

Although the base of both is brown, the Seal Point is a much darker color, almost black, hence its name, because a kitten with such a dark face resembles a small seal. The brown of the Chocolate Point is much softer, more similar to cinnamon than black.

How to distinguish the Seal Point within a litter of newborns?

Although I want to tell you the magic key, I cannot. Ragdolls are born with completely white fur, and their vivid color emerges as they grow. So whichever kitten you choose, it will be a lucky bet.

How much does a Seal Point Ragdoll cost?

The price doesn’t vary according to color. Whatever Raggie you choose, you can expect to pay between $400 and $1,000, although some sell for as much as $2,000. Always go with certified breeders to ensure you get what they promise.

Why are they floppy?

This unique characteristic of the Ragdolls, which everyone loves, is due to nothing more and nothing less than a muscular reaction that these cats have when someone approaches them, especially humans. It doesn’t mean that they are scared or that something hurts. It is simply a biological reaction, perhaps for protection.

seal point ragdoll - floppy

When there are children at home, you must take special care to avoid that this particularity of leaving the body loose doesn’t result in falls that could injure them.

Does the color of a Seal Point vary over time?

Yes, the color of these cats is primarily because their coat reacts to the internal body temperature. The warmer the temperature, the darker the color. As Raggdoll ages, its temperature begins to drop and can cause its dark color to lighten a bit, but it never disappears.

Are they suitable for a family with children and other pets?

Yes, they are excellent household companions that enjoy living with people and other cats and even dogs. It must be said, it is essential to teach children to be respectful with cats to avoid any incident, and as for pets, Raggies are calm by nature, but that doesn’t mean they should be put together with a mouse or a rabbit because they are still cats with a hunting instinct.

Seal Point Ragdoll: Final words

Now that you know everything about the Seal Point Ragdolls, the only thing missing is for you to go out and get one of these beautiful furry balls. They are not just a pet. They are family.

As you can see, a Seal Point Ragdoll is the ideal pet for all kinds of families because its temperament adapts to anyone. If you have already decided, be sure that you will have the most loyal and loving companion of all, and let’s not forget that it will also be the envy of the block because it is undoubtedly a beautiful cat.

Do you have a Seal Point Ragdoll at home? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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