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Do Siamese cats shed? Read before adopting one

The Siamese is the favorite cat of many people around the world, and this is due to many reasons. It’s not only those dazzling blue eyes, their incredible beauty, and their loving and playful personality that make people fall in love with them, but also their advantages over other breeds. But one question that keeps people worried about allergies and cleaning is, “do Siamese cats shed?

Among the most popular myths is that Siamese cats don’t shed hair and they are also hypoallergenic. Sounds like the ideal pet. Maybe too perfect. But is it true? Let’s find out!

do siamese cats shed a lot

Do Siamese cats shed a lot?

We will first solve the question about shedding because there is a lot of talk about Siamese and their fantastic ability not to shed hair. I’m sorry, but this is false.

Regardless of their breed, all cats shed, although some do more than others. Even the “bald” Sphynx sheds the little fluff it has, and it is a natural matter. When people say cats don’t shed, they mean it is almost invisible. This can be because the cat has practically no hair or because its coat is very short and not visible to the naked eye.

It’s believed that the Siamese doesn’t shed because it is short-haired, which is still an incredible advantage compared to a Maine Coon, who is double-coated and long-haired.

A short siamese hair must be renewed to stay healthy. That’s why your cat sheds moderately during the year, but there are two seasons during which shedding increases, spring, and autumn. Do you know why?

Nature is wise and helps animals maintain a proper coat at all times. Cats molt in spring to prepare for the summer heat, staying with a lighter and cooler coat, while in autumn, they shed again to renew their fur and have a thicker and warmer coat for the winter.

Tips for a perfect grooming

While it is true that a healthy Siamese sheds just a little, it’s a good idea to help your cat maintain a healthy coat. This way, your cat will be cleaner and more comfortable, and your furniture will not accumulate that much cat hair.

During the shedding season, brushing your cat daily is necessary. This won’t prevent it from losing hair, but it will significantly reduce the amount of hair scattered around your house. To do this, you must choose a good brush with soft bristles and special for cats. There are many options. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for your kitty.

do siamese cats shed - perfect grooming

Once these seasons have passed, you can brush your cat once a week, always remembering that it should be a moment of relaxation for the cat, don’t force it if it doesn’t feel like being stroked. Another essential tip is maintaining your cat’s hygiene with a good bath every 6 to 8 weeks.

The cat’s natural oils will keep its skin and coat well hydrated. If your cat hates water terribly, you can use wipes suitable for felines. With them, you will remove all the dirt without risking getting scratched.

Do you notice excessive shedding with your Siamese?

Several factors can alter a Siamese’s regular shedding pattern. Factors such as diet and climate can weaken your cat’s coat and make it more susceptible to shedding regardless of the time of year.

1. Stress

Cats are susceptible animals, significantly to change. Things like moving house or the arrival of a new family member can upset them. The most common symptoms of stress are obsessive behaviors, such as overgrooming and excessive hair loss.

2. Lack of nutrients

We all need a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients for the whole organism to function correctly. Cats need a diet rich in animal proteins, amino acids, and vitamins to stay strong and have a healthy coat.

3. Air conditioning

When a cat lives in a temperature-regulated environment, its body doesn’t notice the change of season and therefore molts all year round instead of only during spring and autumn. To reverse this situation, take your cat outside every day, and his body will work according to the current climate and not according to the AC and heating in your house. It’s one of the advantages of being indoor vs. an outdoor cat.

4. Allergies

A cat’s irritated skin tends to shed hair, and you will notice that the cat scratches or bites, pulling out pieces of hair. Parasites and ingredients in their food cause most common allergies, it will be tricky, but with the help of a vet, you will be able to detect the allergen.

5. Medical conditions – hormonal problems

The most common diseases that cause hair loss are hypothyroidism, cancer, and kidney and liver disease. Visit the vet immediately if your cat has this and any other symptoms of discomfort, such as rapid weight loss and lethargy.

do siamese cats shed - hypoallergenic

Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

Sorry to disappoint you again. Just as all cats shed hair, there is no such thing as hypoallergenic cats. What causes allergies is the FelD1 protein found in feline dander, not in the hair or saliva as many people think. When people say a cat is hypoallergenic, it means a cat that doesn’t shed a lot and therefore doesn’t spread as much dander, which is what could cause allergies.

Do Siamese cats shed? Final verdict

The bottom line is that Siamese cats do shed, although less than other breeds, and there are ways to mitigate this. Following a proper grooming routine can help keep shedding under control and ensure your kitty looks its best. Siamese cats are and will continue to be one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Although it is somehow false that they don’t shed hair and are hypoallergenic, they are still gorgeous felines, full of energy to play and follow you around the house all day long.

Give a Siamese a chance, and you won’t regret it. Your local shelter has many kittens waiting to be your new best friend. Do you have a Siamese cat? Please share your experience with us in the comments! We want to hear all about it.

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