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Minuet Cat (Napoleon): Yes, like the Emperor

If you are a cat lover or just starting in this beautiful universe of adorable felines, you will surely ask yourself, what will be the ideal cat breed for my family and me? And there are so many breeds to choose from that. Fortunately, we can choose the one that adapts perfectly to our lifestyle, which will benefit you and the kitten in question because this way, you make sure from the beginning that your house will be the best home for him too.

The older breeds are the best known, but what about those created by enthusiastic cat breeders, who are still creating new breeds of cats today? Many of these new cats are unknown because they are only two or three generations old, and it is too early to be able to say what this cat breed is like.

And it is precisely one of these new breeds that I will talk about today. Although this cat is from the last century, it has less than 50 years of existence, and even if you have never heard of them, I am sure you will love them. It is the Napoleon Cat.

These furries are so recent that they are not very popular yet, but I am going to make a summary with the essential information and the most curious facts so that, in the end, you can decide if this could be your ideal kitten.

Napoleon Cat: Origin

In 1996, Basset Hound breeder Joseph Smith took on the task of breeding a litter of cats from a Munchkin and a Persian doll-type cat, resulting in what he called a Napoleon cat, a fluffy kitten with the bone structure of a typical Persian cat, but the short legs of a cute Munchkin.

Although it was in 2001 that the breed was registered with The International Cat Association, it wasn’t until 2016 that they were finally granted the title of the newly accepted cat breed.

minuet cat napoleon - origin

Why that name? And why Minuet Cat?

Joseph Smith decided to name these new furry cats Napoleon cat, due to none other than the famous French strategist and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The motivation has nothing to do with his military conquests or his French heritage but with the peculiar short stature of this historical figure, which he shares with the short-legged kitten.

In 2016, when TICA accepted the Napoleon cat as a new breed, it decided to do so but give it another name, the Minuet cat, so although it is better known as Napoleon, Minuet is now the official name for these cats.

Minuet Cat Physical appearance

It is a medium-height cat with short legs and a long body, similar to the Dachshund. They reach between 7 and 8 inches in height and weigh between 7 and 9 pounds, with the female slightly smaller than the male.

There are both long-haired and short-haired Minuet cats, but they will all have incredibly soft and fluffy hair. As for the color of its coat, this kitten can come in any color and pattern possible, so there is variety for all tastes.

The Minuet cat has a muscular body with a strong bone structure and a round face accompanied by adorable big eyes. They have small noses and mouths, so they always have an air of sweetness and innocence that makes anyone fall in love with them.

Napoleon Cat: And how is their temperament?

For me, this is the most critical aspect, much more than the physical appearance, because this defines if the cat and you will be able to have an affinity.

These cats can be defined with 3 adjectives: affectionate, energetic, and curious. We are talking about a velcro cat who will follow you everywhere, trying to get involved in your daily activities or be present as a spectator. As you can imagine, these guys don’t enjoy spending much time alone. Although it is essential to say that they can be alone without reaching the extreme of depression and anxiety, they don’t like it.

minuet cat napoleon - temperament

They are excellent companions, whether you live alone, have children, or are an older person, because these cats are tender and patient, and although they will always want to be with you, they are very independent. Being docile and social cats, they will have no problem meeting new people or accepting other animals. And although it is a cat that enjoys playing a lot, it is a very calm and quiet pet.

Minuet Cat: Grooming requirements

As with most cats, it is recommended that you brush your Napoleon cat’s coat daily or at least every other day to prevent knots from forming and dead hair from accumulating and spreading throughout the house. In addition, especially for long-haired cats, it is advisable to bathe them often to help maintain a healthy coat.

If you get your cat used to it early, it will likely enjoy brushing sessions or even baths when it is an adult. It is all a matter of patience and perseverance.

minuet cat napoleon - grooming

Minuet Cat: Health issues

Like all new breeds, the medical conditions they are susceptible to are not entirely clear. However, based on those affecting their ancestors, these two are the most important to watch out for:

  • Brachycephalic airway syndrome: This problem occurs a lot in the breeds created by humans because many times it is sought that they have a flattened face or a tiny nose, which in the end causes respiratory problems.
  • Lordosis: This condition occurs when a bone in the spine develops a very pronounced curvature, generating a lot of pressure in the upper spine and causing pain in the back and neck.

Napoleon Cat/Minuet Cat: Last words

Having a Minuet cat is an excellent idea because they are such docile and fun pets, which can fit perfectly with many types of families and homes. This cat will always accompany you whether you prefer to spend a lot of time reading or doing sports activities.

If you have already decided on this cat, you’d better start saving because buying one can cost you about a thousand dollars. Make sure that the breeder is legitimate and that you are dealing with a person with professional ethics who treats his cats well.

Do you have a Napoleon/Minuet cat? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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