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Types of Ragdoll Cats: Do You Know Them All?

The Ragdoll is a beautiful cat that manages to quickly conquer anyone’s heart because they have a docile, gentle, and very affectionate temperament, besides being very cute. They are one of the most popular cat breeds because, in addition to their beauty, they are ideal for almost any home since they can get along ideally with small children and other pets. There are many types of Ragdoll cats, categorized by color and patterns. Let’s go over them.

One of the most peculiar characteristics of the Ragdoll is the limp it does when it is about to be held or picked up, hence its name, as it loosens its body and seems to simulate a ragdoll. These kittens love to be cuddled, so it is very common to see their famous limp.

Another characteristic of these beauties is their fabulous semi-long fur, with soft and silky hair very similar to that of a rabbit, one of those that you can’t resist petting. This kitten has the incredible quality of presenting a great variety of colors and patterns, so there is easily something for everyone.

If you are looking for a Ragdoll, I encourage you to learn about all the types of Ragdolls you can choose from!

Types of Ragdoll cats: Let’s talk about patterns

I admit sometimes it can be confusing to distinguish between the different types of patterns, but each one is different. Please pay attention to the details to understand them.


types of ragdoll cats - bicolor

As their name indicates, cats have two colors, one always being the color white. The other color must be present in the following points of the body: ears, face, back, and tail. With the characteristic that its mask will always have an inverted V in white, separating the other darker colors. These cats have pink noses, and the hair from the chin to the end of the belly is always white.


These cats have a darker color only on the mask, ears, and tail but not on the legs or other areas of the body. The rest of their coat is white, and they should also have a pale pink nose and pads.


This is the most popular and recognizable pattern. It refers to the fact that the cat will have all of its points, mask, ears, paws, and tail of a noticeably darker color than the rest of its body. A distinguishing feature here is that the cat’s nose and pads should be the same shade as the fur on its limbs.


Cats with this pattern are a color-point with mittens! They have darker coloration on the extremities (face, ears, tail, and legs), but their paws are white as if they were wearing a mitten or a sock, the hind mittens being longer than the front ones. Another characteristic is its classic white band running from the chin to the belly, sometimes appearing on the face. And again, like the Color-point, their nose and pads should be the color of their limbs.

Let’s talk about colors

As if having 4 types of Ragdoll cats wasn’t complicated enough, Ragdolls can come in six different colors, meaning each type of the four patterns can be at least six different colors. We still need to count tortie and lynx cats, giving us a magical total of 24 combinations.

Yes, that means you have 24 different types of Ragdolls that you can choose from! All of them have the same characteristics regarding temperament, health, and care; the only difference would be the appearance of the coat.

The colors in which a Ragdoll can be found are chocolate, seal, red, blue, lilac, and cream, each with its different variations of shades. The combinations between patterns and colors grow if we consider that some cats can have up to three colors, making them tortie, or even have a tabby pattern, making them lynx, not to mention that tortie-lynx combo.

Point solid colors

types of ragdoll cats - point solid

These cats have a light-colored body, between white, ivory, and cream, while the face, legs, ears, and tail are of a darker color that well defines these areas. This pattern is the same as in Siamese cats.

  • Chocolate Point
  • Seal Point
  • Red Point (also called flame-point)
  • Blue Point (cold gray)
  • Lilac Point (warm gray-beige)
  • Cream Point

Tortoiseshell Point

Also known as Torties, although it should be clarified, these Raggies are not a Tortie as it is known since the characteristic of a Tortie cat is that there is no presence of white in its coat at all. Otherwise, it would be known as a Calico.

A Ragdoll Tortie Point is a cat with only a tortie combination in its points, leaving out its light-colored torso and underbelly. Since the rule states that a Tortoishell is a mixture of brown and red, these are the only two combinations in this category:

  • Chocolate Tortie Point
  • Seal Tortie Point

Cream Point

types of ragdoll cats - cream point

These cats have a very subtle color combination, but with a good eye, you can distinguish it. They have a Tortie-type combination but with light colors on the mask, legs, ears, or tail.

  • Blue Cream Point
  • Lilac Cream Point

Lynx Point Raggies

types of ragdoll cats - lynx point

They are characterized because, in addition to their solid color, they have tabby markings, usually adorning the legs and on the face or torso. And, of course, they also have the characteristic M-shaped mark on the head.

  • Chocolate Lynx
  • Seal Lynx Point
  • Red Lynx Point
  • Blue Lynx Point
  • Lilac Lynx Point
  • Cream Lynx Point

Tortie Lynx Point

And for those undecided cats who didn’t know which color and pattern to choose and decided to keep them all, the Tortie Lynx Point combines the most beautiful of each type. The Lynx and Tortie markings are visible on the cat’s points, leaving his torso and belly a lighter color of some shade of white.

  • Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point
  • Seal Tortie Lynx Point
  • Blue Cream Lynx Point
  • Lilac Cream Lynx Point

Types of Ragdoll cats: Wrapping it up

If you are thinking of adopting a Ragdoll or if you already have one and want to know what type it is, there are over 20 types of combinations that can be made between colors and coat patterns, all equally beautiful and unique, from the classic lilac point to a rare lilac cream lynx point!

And I can’t let you leave without complicating things even more….. did you know that all Ragdolls are born white? Yes, their body color depends on the environment’s temperature; the warmer it is, the lighter it is. That’s why they are white when they come out of their mother’s womb and take their actual color with the weeks, depending on where they live. So before you take your kitten home, wait until it is at least two months old to be sure what kind of Raggie it will be.

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