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Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Cats are super independent little animals who often make us believe they only need us to buy their delicious kibble and the many treats they demand. They can often spend the whole day alone, seeming not to miss us at all, and then, when night comes, they come to sleep next to us, and some even will rest on top of us. But why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Have you ever wondered what motivates your cat to sleep with you? Having a super comfy bed all to themselves or the magnificent couch in your living room, they prefer to cuddle between your legs. In this article, I will share several reasons why cats like to sleep with their humans, and yes, even with those who snore and move a lot.

why do cats like to sleep with their owners - stay warm and cozy

Why do cats like to sleep with their owners? Here are the 4 main reasons

In the feline world, every action has a meaning, so let’s discover thy your cat prefers to sleep with you instead of resting peacefully in his bed. I am sure that more than one will surprise you.

1. To stay warm and cozy

It’s no secret that cats love the heat. More than one of you has found your fur ball lying by the window taking a comforting sunbath, or how about in front of the radiator, or even sleeping in a cardboard box! This happens because their body temperature is higher than ours, usually around 100 degrees, so their ideal room temperature is much higher than we would like.

When it’s time to sleep, we all like to feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why your cat is looking for a place that isn’t only soft and extra warm. This way, he ensures he doesn’t get even a little bit cold during the night. And what better place than next to you? By your side, your cat takes advantage of the blankets and the warmth that emanates from your body, but hey, you can also take advantage of it because his little body will give you some heat.

2. To feel safe

Even if you don’t have sharp teeth or long claws, your cat trusts you with his life because he considers you part of his closest circle, of his pack. The most vulnerable time for a cat is when he sleeps because he can’t rest and be vigilant at the same time, so to sleep peacefully, he turns to you to act as his faithful guardian. Your kitty knows you will protect him from danger, meaning he can rest comfortably and take long naps without any evil predator daring to approach.

why do cats like to sleep with their owners - protect territory

3. To protect its territory

Oh, yes, your cat is a bit of a territorial obsessive. Not only does he think that the house and objects belong to him, but he is also sure that you are his, so he has to watch out for any other cat that might think of stealing you.

You may have noticed that your cat rubs against you, perhaps with his head. Well, let me tell you what he is doing. Your clever cat is transferring his scent to you, thus making sure that other animals detect that you already have an owner. And when it’s time to go to sleep, to feel one hundred percent sure that no one is going to reclaim you, he takes no chances and acts as a night watchman for his most valuable possession, his favorite human.

4. To strengthen the bond of love

I know you were probably looking for this answer, and who wasn’t? We all like to know if our cat loves us as much as we love him. Well, I have great news for you, if your cat sleeps with you, it’s because he loves you and enjoys spending time with you.

In nature, cats only sleep with members of their herd, those they trust and accept. You will never see them approaching to sleep with a cat they don’t know, and they apply the same logic when they come to rest with you. Besides the fact that they trust you, they feel comfortable in your presence and sometimes do it because they have missed you during the day and want to take advantage of the time you are at home to be with you. Although they can be a bit serious, they are still a furry bundle of love.

What can I do if I don’t like my cat sleeping with me?

Although there is no risk in letting your cat sleep with you, it is understandable that you don’t like sharing your bed with a nocturnal animal because, as we know, cats are usually much more active at night. That’s right, during these hours, they love to play, hunt, eat, and live while you rest, or at least try to.

The first tip is if you don’t plan for your cat to sleep with you, you must teach him early so that he doesn’t get into the habit. Once you allow him to do so, it can be challenging to turn back. However, some tricks can help you:

  • A bit obvious, but close the bedroom door. Your cat will complain bitterly, but chances are he’ll get used to it.
  • Place several fluffy beds around the house, and your cat will have plenty to choose from and can find a new favorite spot. You can place a piece of your clothing between the blankets to ease the transition. Your little one will feel safer if he can smell your scent.
  • Place a candle or humidifier with eucalyptus fragrance. Besides relieving your night congestion and helping you relax, it is a scent that cats dislike.
  • Another trick that works is to place double-sided tape on the headboard of your bed, so when your cat jumps or walks around there, he will feel the rubber on his paws. Cats hate that sticky feeling.
why do cats like to sleep with their owners - what can I do

Why do cats like to sleep with their owners? Final words

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?” you can be sure that your furry friend loves and trusts you fully. He needs to feel safe, secure, and close when he goes to bed, so sleeping with his favorite human is a sign that he knows he will be safe every night.

Does your cat love to sleep with you? Let us know in the comments! Your story might help others understand their cat’s behavior better. And if you don’t like it when your cat sleeps with you, put into practice some of the tips we’ve given you. We’re sure it will make a difference! Until next time!

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