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Why does my cat stare at me? 5 reasons to keep in mind

Has it happened to you that you are doing something, and suddenly you realize that your cat is staring at you? Minutes go by, and it continues as a statue just looking at you. Why does my cat stare at me?

In animals as unpredictable as cats, perhaps a fixed gaze could scare you or make you think your cat is a weirdo, but what do those insistent gazes mean? Could it be that they want to tell us something? Well, of course! Cats may not be able to communicate through words, but boy, they say a lot, and they do so through body language.

If we understand why and how they look at us, we will know what they want to express, and we’ll be one step closer to deciphering the cat language.

Why do cats stare at you?

Here are a few reasons why your cat stared at you for prolonged periods:

Cats are curious

Cats are curious animals. They are never left in doubt. Believe it or not, looking at you is one of their favorite hobbies. You will think, “am I fascinating and famous among cats?“. Well, yes, and it is those things as simple as cooking a new dish, opening a package, combing your hair, or even going to the bathroom that result in an experience of new images, sensations, and smells for cats.

And it may be that opening a package is just an everyday activity, but for a cat, it represents a new object to explore, and guess what? You have brought it home! So, of course, your cat will keep an eye on you to see what else you do.

Your kitty is hungry

Your friend may be hungry! Cats have countless ways to tell us that they are hungry or want a treat. Some will meow nonstop, others will go looking for leftovers on the table or even in the garbage, but others will go directly with their infinite food dispenser, you! These intelligent cats know who feeds them and go straight to the source to get what they need. If you already know that your cat is a food lover, it will stare at you to get a delicious meal.

Your cat isn’t feeling well

If your kitty is not feeling well, it may also stare at you, hoping you’ll notice. Looking at you that way will make you pay attention, and since your cat trusts you, they know that you will find a way to comfort them and cure the pain.

Please pay attention to the other signals that it may be sending, for example, the size of the pupils or the insistent meows.

Your cat is angry or scared

If your cat looks at you and its posture is tense, with frizzy hair, ears turned to the side, tail wagging, and you also notice that its pupils are significantly dilated, be careful. Your cat is upset, and that look indicates that it might be preparing to attack.

We must remember that there are things we can think that cats like, but it may not be so. If your cat looks at you this way, you should first break eye contact. This way, it will understand that you are not challenging it. Blink several times and gently move your head from side to side while dropping something on the floor to divert your cat’s attention from you.

Maybe your buddy needs personal space, or we seriously insult its honor. Whatever it might be, it’s best to walk away without scratches.

Your cat is relaxed and comfy

Have you woken up in the morning to find your cat lying on your chest while staring at you? Congratulations, your kitty loves you and is waiting for you to wake up so you can keep it company! You should also know that your kitten finds you beautiful and familiar, so looking at you can be very soothing.

And what happens when you are about to sleep, and your cat gets very close to you and stares with a soft gaze while blinking slowly? Your cat says that it loves you and feels comfortable and safe with you.

That slow blink means a lot. It is an “I love you,” so try to reciprocate if you want to let your cat know that you love it too. Look it in the eyes and blink slowly. Surely it will understand the message.

What does it mean when a cat stares at you? Communication and body language

One way to recognize the intention of a cat’s gaze is through posture. Understanding a cat’s body language is essential to know what it is trying to tell us.

The following are some points to keep in mind the next time your cat looks at you with that particular gaze:

Happy cat:

  • Loose body
  • Tail down
  • Ears facing front
  • Droopy eyelid

Not so happy cat:

  • Stiff body
  • Agitated tail
  • Dilated pupils
  • Unblinking stare
  • Ears turned to the sides (angry cat)
  • Ears turned to the back (scared cat)

Using these key points, you can quickly know if your cat is relaxed, happy, angry, or scared.

Cats are very expressive animals, and their eyes are one of the most important tools they have to communicate with us. The next time your cat looks at you with that unique gaze, try to see what it’s trying to tell you!

Why does my cat stare at me? Final words

Now you know. If your furry friend looks relaxed and sees you with sweet loving eyes, of course, stare back at your buddy and enjoy the love, and don’t forget to give it what it so peculiarly is asking of you.

But hey, if you notice any of the signs of a not-so-happy cat, it’s best to leave it for later and run before it attacks you. And if it strikes you, you can no longer say it didn’t warn you.

Let us know in the comments if your cat has ever given you that intense gaze.

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