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Are Siamese cats mean? The Siamese personality

Most people who aren’t used to being with cats regularly tend to think that these beautiful furballs are cold, unfriendly, and even mean animals, especially certain breeds that, because of their physical characteristics, show traits that could be translated as severe or rigid. Of course, when you see a Ragdoll carried by someone, no one would think that cat is evil! But what to say about a Siamese, with its athletic body and elegant posture staring at you with its deep blue eyes, probably makes you think, what is that cat plotting? Are Siamese cats mean?

And if we add to this the pranks that a particular Siamese couple did to some puppies in a popular children’s movie, it is easy to understand why they have the fame for being rebels without a cause and mean, but is it true?

are siamese cats mean - personality

If you are interested in discovering the truth behind the myth, you came to the right place because we’ll analyze the behavior of beautiful Siamese cats. You will find that they aren’t mean at all and can become your ideal companion. Let’s go find out!

Are Siamese cats mean? The personality of a Siamese

Siamese cats are quite a case because besides being very cute and popular among cat parents, they have unique personalities, although they aren’t for everyone. The first thing you need to know is that they are super affectionate cats, so much so that they are known as velcro cats because they will always want to be by your side to see what you are doing.

You can count on them to follow you around the house, even when you go to the bathroom. They don’t know about personal space. That’s why they tend to be jealous and possessive. Although any cat is territorial, a Siamese may make a jealous scene if he sees another cat on your lap.

Another characteristic is that they are very curious and intelligent. They can be taught to walk on a leash and even do certain tricks like fetching. They enjoy training because, for them, everything is a game, and the more time they spend with you, the better. Of course, they will let you know if they don’t like something. They are experts at complaining big time.

On the not-so-bright side, they are dependent and can’t stand being alone for long periods, so the best is to adopt two or have another pet to keep them company when you aren’t home. If left alone for too long, Siamese can become anxious and even depressive, so it’s best to spare them the trouble.

Specific behavioral issues

Siamese shares typical cat behavior like any other cat, including being ultra-territorial, self-centered, and routine-loving. Of course, if someone bothers them, the most likely response will be a scratch or a bite. While these characteristics don’t necessarily mean a cat is evil, it’s just a cat being a cat.

In this section, we will talk about those behaviors that can make us think that a Siamese is mean or problematic, that is, those behaviors that are more difficult for them to control than others.

are siamese cats mean - separation anxiety

Separation anxiety

As mentioned above, Siamese cats have a hard time being left alone for long periods, especially if it is recurrent. Since cats enjoy being the center of attention and surrounded by their family, this is not hard to understand. But what happens if they are left alone?

Unfortunately, they get stressed quickly and generate anxiety. To release that pent-up energy and try to calm down, they often engage in destructive behaviors, for example, knocking objects off, scratching furniture, and tearing up cushions, or they may even harm themselves with obsessive behaviors such as excessive grooming.

To avoid this behavior, you can resort to adopting another pet, a cat or dog, to keep him company, and be sure to leave him a variety of toys to pass the time. Another great idea is to spray a pheromone spray to help him stay calmer. Try leaving him alone for an hour or two; if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to adjust the technique.


These cats have a hard time sharing, especially when sharing the attention of their human family. When a new member arrives home, the Siamese may respond aggressively or behave distantly, all motivated by jealousy at sharing their space and belongings with a new cat.

Although it is not impossible to adopt a new pet when you already have a Siamese, it isn’t straightforward and will take time. That is why it is recommended to adopt both pets together when they are still kittens since it is during the first months of life when the tolerance and sociability of a cat will be defined to a great extent.

Why would a cat be aggressive?

Although some cat breeds may be less patient or more prone to stress, there is no genetic condition that makes a breed more aggressive per se; in fact, a cat’s response to external stimuli has a lot to do with the way it has been raised and the experiences it has had, especially those in its early years.

The main reason a cat can be aggressive is because of past trauma. Cats that were mistreated grow up with distrust, and as a defense, they tend to attack when they feel they’re in a vulnerable position. It’s the fear that motivates a cat to behave aggressively. Another common problem is the lack of socialization at an early age, both with humans and other animals, and it’s simple to understand if the cat doesn’t know something, it will keep its distance and feel threatened if approached.

Exposing kittens to respectful coexistence with different people and pets is essential. At least they will understand that they don’t represent any danger and will be more open to socializing when they are adults.

Finally, as we have already seen, another of the causes is the frustration accumulated after stressful events or the anxiety caused by certain situations, for example, being left alone, moving houses, or a change of routine. Cats don’t have the same mechanisms as we do to manage their emotions, so we must give them space and understand the symptoms of discomfort they show us.

are siamese cats mean - aggressive

And the same thing happens when a cat is sick. When he feels a lot of pain, he tends to react badly because he doesn’t want to be touched, so it’s better that you learn to detect the symptoms before it becomes too severe.

Verdict: Are Siamese cats mean?

No, Siamese cats aren’t mean at all. They’re cute little furballs ready to be the most loyal and loving companions you’ll ever have. They are one of the world’s oldest and most famous cat breeds. And if you are unlucky enough to have a Siamese with attitude problems, do a little research on their past, pay attention to their routine, and with time and lots of love, any issues are sure to be solved.

Do you have a Siamese cat at home? Has it ever been mean to you? Share your experiences in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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