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Do Birman cats shed a lot? Read before adopting

The beautiful Birman is famous for many reasons, not only for his adorable looks but also for his soft, gentle, and super affectionate character. But this cute cat has another ace up his sleeve because if you thought he was a perfect cat, but his long fur made you hesitate to adopt him because you prefer to avoid excessive shedding. Do Birman cats shed a lot?

This kitty is here to tell you, “Wait! You still haven’t heard the best part“, which is that the Birman, despite having a lot of furs, is not considered a cat that sheds a lot of hair. If you think this is excellent news, keep reading, and you will discover more interesting facts. Maybe after you finish, you’ll want to run and adopt one.

First, let me tell you a little about the Birman, as this cat has a remarkable history. Although there is no documentation, these cats are believed to have originated in Burma, now Myanmar. This feline was known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, and it is believed that they lived in the temples and accompanied the Kittah priests. Whenever a priest died, his spirit would flow into his precious cat briefly before transcending to their next life, so we can say they were like ancient soul guardians. Undoubtedly, a mysterious and fascinating past.

do Birman cats shed a lot

Do Birman cats shed a lot?

Yes, Birmans, like any other cat breed, constantly shed. The good news is that it is not an excessive shedding. The reason is that although they are long-haired cats, they don’t have an undercoat, which falls more frequently.

The hair of the undercoat has the function of keeping the heat, which is why it is finer and softer hair, and when it falls and clumps up on the floor, it even looks like cotton. This hair is the one that sticks and tangles more easily on clothes or furniture, and because of its texture, it is more difficult to remove. Knowing this, it is a relief that the Birman has no undercoat, only a silky untangled top coat.

Shedding is an essential part of the life cycle of each hair of your cat’s coat. It is the way it has to regenerate itself so that the cat can always have a strong, healthy, and above all, functional coat. The hair protects the cat’s skin from inclement weather, cold and heat, and bacteria and infections. This is why bald cats, such as the Sphynx and the Bambino, require much more care than cats with a lot of hair. Since they don’t have fur, it is necessary to help them protect their exposed skin.

Are Birman cats hypoallergenic?

I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you here because Birman cats are not hypoallergenic. In fact, no cat is.

Contrary to popular belief, what makes a cat cause allergies is not its fur but its dander. A cat that sheds a lot is much more likely to cause allergies than one that doesn’t, such as the Birman, because every loose hair that falls to the ground can drag dander particles with it, so the more significant the amount of hair, the more dander.

do Birman cats shed - hypoallergenic

In the case of the Birman, as its shedding is moderate, the Fel D1 present in its dander won’t cause a big allergy issue. However, if you are allergic to cat saliva, perhaps you should avoid contact with any cat, including the Birman.

How to care for a Birman’s coat?

You probably already know this, but the best thing you can do to maintain your cat’s coat is to brush it constantly. If you can’t brush him daily, try doing it every other day. This way, you remove all the dead hair and considerably reduce the amount of loose hair in your home. Plus, by brushing, you help spread your cat’s natural oils all over his coat, which adds a lot of shine to his fur.

Another vital thing to remember is that the Birman doesn’t need to bathe very often, as it takes care of its grooming. You can consider bathing your cat every two or three months to give him extra help, but nothing more. If you constantly bathe a cat, you can cause skin dryness since you sweep away all his essential oils that are the ones that nourish his skin and coat.

A balanced diet will always be essential to maintain the health and well-being of your cat. Be sure to read the nutritional information on the food you decide to give him, and remember that the main ingredient should always be animal protein. If the kibble you give your cat doesn’t specify from which animal the protein comes, be careful, don’t buy it, as it is likely that they use low-quality remains of various animals, which doesn’t have a greater nutritional contribution. Remember that what you are looking for is the origin of the ingredients, not the flavor.

Finally, I recommend that you keep your home at a regulated temperature. In addition to saving you several dollars, this will also help reduce the amount of hair shedding in the house. When the environment is too warm, cats lose hair to have a cooler, lighter coat, which may be why your cat’s unkempt, “weak” fur.

do Birman cats shed - coat

Do Birman cats shed a lot? The bottom line

Birman cats are lovely and excellent companions that quickly become the spoils of the home. These felines have a beautiful, smooth, long, and silky coat with a marker that hardly tangles, and the best thing is that it falls moderately, so you can rest assured your clothes and furniture will be safe.

Now that you know how to care for your Birman’s coat, you can ensure your cat always has a strong, healthy, and functional coat. With proper nutrition and regular grooming, you can prevent the shedding of excess hair and keep her looking fabulous! So go ahead if you want to adopt a Birman – and don’t forget to spoil your feline companion with lots of love and attention!

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