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Do Siberian cats shed a lot? Read this first

One of the most important things to do before adopting a cat is to study its breed; this way, we can prepare ourselves much better for its arrival. While we must ensure that we can be the ideal pet parent for the cat, it is also essential that the cat is suitable for us. And one of the most common questions when considering adopting a Siberian is, “do Siberian cats shed a ton?

Imagine living in a house with carpeting, dark furniture, and dozens of ornaments and vases around the place. It would be a tremendous chore to vacuum and dust that house daily to keep it fur-free. If you want to adopt a beautiful, fluffy Siberian cat with beautiful colors, you probably wonder if this breed sheds a lot of hair. And although it may seem like it does because it has a lot of hair, the answer will surprise you.

do Siberian cats shed a lot

Do Siberian cats shed a lot?

Siberian cats do shed. All breeds of cats shed hair; even the bald Sphynx sheds what little fluff it has. The good news is that if you like cats with long and fluffy coats, you are in luck because compared to their pairs, the Siberian does molt but does it moderately, nothing close to a Maine Coon.

Siberians are considered to have a medium to high shedding pattern, although it is usually seasonal, which makes them easier to control. But in general, if you are looking for a cat that always has a low molting pattern, you may be interested in other breeds, such as the American Shorthair, Siamese, or Bengal.

Siberians have so much fur because its place of origin, Siberia, is an icy region with long periods of snow and rain. This cat developed a triple-layered coat that keeps warm and protects it from water, as its outer coat is waterproof. Their fur protects them so well that, generally, Siberians don’t mind walking in the rain or jumping in the snow.

How to avoid excessive shedding?

The Siberian is an adorable cat that tends to be extra affectionate with its human family and very playful. It’s easy for them to win anyone’s heart. If you’re dying to adopt one, but you’re not sure you can survive so much loose hair, don’t worry. Fortunately, many tricks can help you considerably reduce the hair on your perfect couches.

1. Grooming

As you may have already guessed, daily brushing is a must. Although cats spend almost half their day grooming themselves, you still need to help them. When you brush your cat’s coat, you remove all the dead hair from its fur and remove it before it falls off and ends up on your furniture.

You can try many brush options, as not all cats have the same preferences. There are gloves with bristles that allow you to brush your cat without him noticing too much, and he will only think you are petting him.

do Siberian cats shed - grooming

Brushing is essential. Not only do you remove dead hair, but you also prevent the formation of knots and help eliminate the debris your cat has accumulated in its fur. Another aspect is that by removing the dead hair, you ensure that your cat doesn’t swallow so much hair when grooming since the excess hair in his stomach accumulates in the form of the famous hairballs, which could cause stomach discomfort or even intestinal obstructions if they are big enough.

2. Bathing

A cat with clean fur is a cat with a solid and healthy coat. Even if a cat hates water, it is vital to give it a good bath from time to time, as this helps keep its skin fresh and, at the same time, removes excess oil. Baths should be once every one and a half to two months, not too often, as excess water can wash away their natural oils, essential to moisturize and protect their skin and coat.

If your cat doesn’t like water, you can try dry shampoo. It’s an excellent alternative that will surely save you from a bite.

3. Proper diet

To keep your cat healthy, you should pay special attention to the type of food you feed him. Cats are obligate carnivores, so their diet must consist almost entirely of animal proteins, so you have to make sure that this is the main component of their daily diet.

If you notice that your cat sheds a lot of hair, the reason may be an unbalanced diet that causes a weak and brittle coat, or it may even be that he has a liver problem that causes shedding as a side effect. A balanced diet according to the age and condition of the cat will help him feel better and avoid secondary issues.

Causes of excessive shedding

The Siberian will shed more than usual during the spring and fall, and this is because it is preparing its coat for the weather change. All cats tend to have a lighter coat during the summer and a thicker coat during the winter to stay warm during the cold days. If your cat loses the same amount of hair throughout the year, we recommend that you pay attention to the following list.

  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • The heater temperature is too high
  • Allergies

Other than that, you should always go to the vet if your cat has sudden changes in their hair or develops skin issues.

do Siberian cats shed - allergies

Do Siberian cats shed? The bottom line

Now you know that, yes, Siberian cats do shed, and it is something that you must take into account before taking one home. However, with a good grooming routine and proper nutrition, you can considerably reduce the hair around your house. Just remember that all cats need attention and love from their owners, so if you have the time to give them the necessary care, don’t hesitate to adopt one of these beautiful animals!

Do you have a Siberian cat? Let us know how you take care of it in the comments and if you have any tips for other owners!

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