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Flame Point Siamese: Elegant and unique

If you are looking for your ideal pet, you have come to the right place because today, I will tell you everything you need to know about one of the most popular and beautiful cat breeds, the elegant and cuddly Flame Point Siamese.

This cat breed is not very common, and although it is not extremely rare, the truth is that it generates confusion when classifying. These fluffy cats are often confused with some color variation of the modern Siamese or the light-colored short hair. The truth is that at first glance, many cat breeds look very similar, and in this case, the Flame Point Siamese is the result of breeding between a flame-colored Siamese and an American Shorthair with a tabby pattern, hence the resemblance.

This breed has a lot to say, and in this article, we will tell you the most important details you should know if you are interested in one of these cats.

The Flame Point Siamese in a nutshell

  • Height: 16-20 inches.
  • Weight: 9-14 pounds.
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years.
  • Coat color: white body with red or orange points.
  • Fun fact: 75% of Flame Point Siamese cats are male.

Flame Point Siamese: Personality

Besides having soft colors that make them look like angels, they are characterized by being very gentle and affectionate. As you will discover, in addition to their beauty, their gentle character makes them the favorite of every cat lover.

These Siamese are very loyal to their owners, and in return, they ask for a lot of affection and attention, so yes, they are that needy cat that follows you everywhere and always wants to know what you are doing. They have a hard time being left alone, so it’s a type of pet for someone who spends a lot of time at home or for households that already have another pet to keep them company.

And because they tend to be a bit obsessive, if left alone for too long, they can develop depression and start with extreme behaviors like over-grooming.

flame point siamese - personality

On the bright side, they are very affectionate. They love to show their affection with soft purrs, love nips, and gentle rubs. These curious cats are also full of energy, they can spend all day playing and playing, so it’s always good to have several types of toys so they don’t get bored. How about a walk in the park? I assure you they will go with the best attitude, what better than having a good time with you!

Rest assured that this clever cat will be your best guardian because he will love you so much that he will never let anything malicious come near you.

Flame Point Siamese: Physical appearance

This cross between Shorthair and Siamese is born with a white coat, eventually acquiring the color that gives it its name. This short-haired cat has a white or beige body with reddish or light orange points (face, ears, tail, and paws). Its tail usually has a striped pattern, and on the forehead, most cats have the unmistakable “M” mark that characterizes tabby cats.

The body of this Siamese is slender and long, giving it a sleek figure complemented by a defined triangular head known as wedge-shaped, long pointed ears, and bright blue eyes.

The combination of a redheaded Shorthair with a Siamese does not always result in a Flame Point Siamese. The litter may be born with other colors. We can only say that the cat is a Flame Point when its colors are orange or red.

flame point siamese - appearanec

Flame Point Siamese: Health condition

Fortunately, this breed of cat does not usually present severe or recurrent genetic problems, but here is a list of medical issues that may arise over time:

  • Pica Syndrome: refers to the cat’s taste for eating objects (not food), usually between 0 and 2 years of life.
  • Retinal atrophy and Strabismus: a cat with white fur and blue eyes usually has vision problems due to a genetic mutation.
  • Hip Dysplasia: more common in larger cats.
  • Obesity: part of the compulsive behavior of Siamese cats.

As you know, a pet is a big responsibility, so it is essential to be constant in the medical checkups of your cat. We invite you to consult your veterinarian in case of any strange lump or different behavior.

Flame Point Siamese: Price

Because the color of the Siamese tends to vary greatly, it is sometimes difficult to get a Flame Point, making these cats more sought after than others. If you are looking to buy one from a certified breeder, you can expect to spend up to $2,000 per kitten, so you better start saving up.

As always, we advise you to visit your local animal shelter and adopt a kitten looking for a forever home. Who knows, you may even find your Siamese there.

Additional facts

Finally, here is a list of interesting facts about this adorable cat.

  • They are incredibly chatty.
  • They shed a lot of hair, so get your brush ready.
  • Because of their short hair, they are a good choice for people with allergies.
  • Very tolerant and patient
  • The rarest type of Siamese, especially females

What do you say, would you like to adopt one?

Flame Point Siamese: Final Words

There you have it. Everything you need to know about the Flame Point Siamese: these cats make great pets for those looking for a loyal and affectionate companion. If you think this cat is the right fit for you, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder. And always remember, adopt if you can!

Do you have a Flame Point Siamese? Let us know in the comments below!

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