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Friendliest cat breeds to adopt

If you are looking for a new friend, a pet that will fill your days with good times, laughter, and lots of love, I have good news for you. Not only dogs are reasonable options. Cats are also ideal companions due to their outstanding level of affection and how incredibly friendly they can be with humans and other pets. We’ll show you a list of the 10 friendliest cat breeds you can adopt.

Dogs are much more popular than cats because millions of studies have been conducted on canine behavior and only a few on feline conduct. However, research has found that cats are equally capable of creating strong bonds of love and trust with their human family.

Regardless of its breed, any cat can be the friendliest kitten on the planet because for a cat to be friendly and affectionate, the most important thing is how it has spent its first weeks of life. The socialization period of a kitten goes from week 3 to week 7. This period is when the cat must get used to being with different people and animals so that when he is an adult, he knows how to live with them without any problem.

The second factor is genetics, which not only decides the color of the cat but also plays a vital role in how prone the cat is to get close to people or animals. For example, some very reserved breeds, such as the Nebelung, don’t seek to make friends.

10 friendliest cat breeds to adopt

However, there are other cats whose breeds tend to be brave, playful, and relaxed, and thus they are considered very friendly. If you are interested in adopting a cat that will become your best friend, here is a list of the nicest cat breeds in the world.


These affectionate companions are very energetic cats who enjoy physical activities, fun games, and long walks are their thing. They tend to be happy-spirited and active cats, following you around the house to see what you are up to. Although they are not “lap cats,” they love to attract attention by playing tricks and pranks, and the best way to show their love is with their loud and constant purring.


These elegant, color-point furballs are a real charmer. They have desirable personalities, are very gentle, intelligent, and affectionate, and are also a bit cocky. They are amiable cats. Birman cats love to be the center of attention of any group of people. These cats are not shy and are not afraid to greet any new companion and make it their friend.

friendliest cat breeds - birman


This big-eyed cat is one of the most intelligent, affectionate, playful, and fun-loving cats. They are famous for being people-oriented, very childlike, and expert performers, always holding their audience captive with pirouettes and tricks. Once you bring him home, he will become devoted to his family, and every day he will show his love with sweet purrs and endless cuddles.

Exotic Shorthair

This cat gives the impression of being laid back, but don’t fall for its sweet face because it’s quite the opposite. The Exotic Shorthair is a very energetic and playful cat. He enjoys being a central part of his human family, always finding out what each member is doing and giving his opinion. He is a very tender and loyal cat who shows his love with purrs and licks, expecting lots of hugs and cuddles in return.

nicest cat breeds - exotic shorthair

Maine Coon

This furry cat is known as the gentle giant and is one of the calmest and most affectionate cats. Although they take their time deciding who they will confide in, the displays of affection never end once they do. These beautiful cats with luxurious coats are very devoted to their family and enjoy spending time together while watching a good movie or playing a game.


The unmistakable Persian cat is a tender and affectionate cat, perfect for families with children or other pets. This sweet-tempered cat is calm, not very active, and super loyal to its family, especially its favorite human. They love attention, mainly when it comes to long brushing and petting sessions. With a Persian, you will spend quality hours weekly, as their coat is high maintenance.


The best word to describe these cats is docile. The Ragdoll is a very calm and sweet cat, which makes anyone fall in love with its long and silky fur. They are incredibly loyal, affectionate, and playful. They love cuddles, kisses, and to be hugged. It is a perfect cat if you are looking for a faithful companion who is always ready to be with you and hear your stories.

friendliest cat breeds - ragdoll

Scottish Fold

The folded ears and round eyes make this chubby cat look cute. The best thing is that the Scottish fold has an attractive look and a charming personality, incredibly affectionate with its owners. He is brilliant, calm, and very open to meeting new people. He even lets new friends pet him. This cat loves to play, and although it isn’t a lap cat, he always seeks at least to be in the same room to keep him company.


The versatile Siamese is people’s favorite cat, as there is never a dull day with them. They are highly vocal cats, who give their opinion even if no one asks them, plus they are knowledgeable, determined, and super playful.

These affectionate cats are like little kids who never tire of running and playing. Still, they need their parents to be attentive to them and feel validated, so the Siamese is a needy cat, although it knows how to reciprocate all the attention with lots of love.


Although it may not look like it, the Sphynx is a super friendly and cuddly cat. It is known to be one of the most intelligent cats, with a dog-like personality that enjoys spending its time jumping and playing. The Sphynx is not afraid to meet new people or even other pets. He is very social and outgoing, always wanting to be part of your circle of friends.

friendliest cat breeds - sphynx

Friendliest cat breeds: Final thoughts

Any of these cats will fill your days with happiness and show it to you in one of the following ways. You have to be attentive to recognize the signs of your friendly cat.

Now that you know more about the friendliest cat breeds, it’s time to choose your feline companion. Remember that each cat is unique and has its personality, so even if a species is known for being friendly, there are always exceptions. The best way to tell if a cat is friendly is by spending time with him, so take your time, visit some shelters, and find the perfect match for you.

Also, remember that any cat breed can be a great companion if he socializes from a young age. How you interact with your cat will be the key to having a friendly feline friend for life, no matter the breed.

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