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Calmest cat breeds to consider adopting

Are you looking for your perfect cat and still can’t decide? If you are still not sure, you must take into account several key aspects that will ensure you two very important things, the first one is that the cat you choose is the right one for your needs, and the second one is that you are a perfect fit for the cat’s needs. If you want to find the ideal cat for your laid-back lifestyle, here is a list of the calmest cat breeds out there. Hopefully, you will fall in love with one of them.

10 Calm cat breeds you should consider adopting/buying

American shorthair

The perfect cat for many people looking for a moderate cat that is playful but not hyperactive, gentle but not clingy, docile, friendly, and intelligent. ASHs trace their history back to the Mayflower, where they served as noble ratters in service to the ship. Today they retain that hunting instinct, but they also love to sleep in front of the window and play with their human family.

calmest cat breeds - american shorthair


Burmese cats have a sweet, calm temperament and a long, silky coat that is impossible to ignore. Legend has it that these cats from Burma, now Myanmar, were revered in Buddhist temples because they were believed to carry the priests’ souls to the other world.

calmest cat breeds - birman

British shorthair

This very tender cat likes to go under the radar, as he is not vocal and enjoys spending his afternoons looking out the window. You will hardly get a complaint from them, as they are a bit introverted and reserved, but with a little trust, they become affectionate and very loyal.

calmest cat breeds - british shorthair


This kitten is a Persian hybrid, but with striking blue eyes and a Siamese pattern coat, making them unique and precious. They love to receive affection and be tossed a toy for fetching. They are perfect companions for quiet people, as they are calm, gentle, and charming.

calmest cat breeds - himalayan

Maine Coon

These gorgeous long-haired cats are known as gentle giants, and yes, it’s thanks to their soft and cuddly temperament. They are super friendly, and affectionate, and are always happy to accompany you while you read or work. They are docile and intelligent cats, perfect for families with children and other pets. You can be sure you will spend a lot of quality time with your feline, as their long hair requires daily brushing, an ideal activity to reinforce that special bond.

calmest cat breeds - maine coon


Heavy-boned, fluffy, and with a sweet round face that will endear them to you. These cats have earned the nickname furry furniture because they are not very energetic; they enjoy naps. They are friendly, docile, and super devoted to their humans. They get along great with kids and love cuddles.

calmest cat breeds - persian cat


Don’t be confused with them; they are not Ragdoll but equally beautiful. These fluffy cats have a double coat of medium to long hair and soft and silky fur. These cats are very people-oriented, so don’t worry if you like to have visitors in the house. They are cuddly and affectionate and love to play, but nothing rough. They are lap cats; you can expect them to accompany you while you work or watch a movie. He will follow you around the house, although he will do so quietly, so he doesn’t feel lonely.


They have this name because they drop their body and look like a Ragdoll when carried! In a word, we could define them as docile, they are undoubtedly one of the calmest and gentle breeds, so they are incredible companions for the elderly. Their personality is lovely and relaxed. They love to sit on their human’s lap and accompany them in their daily chores.

calmest cat breeds - ragdoll

Scottish Fold

These chubby cats are famous for their forward-folded ears, which give them an extra adorable look. These cats adapt quickly to their new homes, are very loyal, and usually choose a person to bond with. They have soft, sweet voices, are very affectionate, and are intelligent. They enjoy games stimulating their minds and love to follow their humans around the house.

calmest cat breeds - scottish fold


This cat of Russian origin is very ancient, with a history of more than a thousand years. They are medium-sized cats with 3 thick layers of fur that help them withstand the frigid winter of their region and the heavy rains, explaining why they love water so much. They are very playful. Everything can become a toy for them, but don’t worry; they are not hyperactive. They love to be with their human family, so you can expect your Siberian to always be with you.

calmest cat breeds - siberian

Calmest cat breeds: Final words

Those were 10 of the calmest and most affectionate cat breeds you can find. You will be surprised by their soft temperaments and kind personalities. They don’t require much effort to make them happy. Just your love and attention are enough for them. So if you’re looking for a faithful feline companion that loves naps and cuddles, any of these cats could be the perfect fit.

However, there are many other calm cats breeds out there, so if none of the ones listed here strikes your fancy, don’t worry! You can always keep looking until you find the purrfect kitty for you. Even better, If you can visit and interact with the cat you will adopt before deciding! A breed doesn’t guarantee an exact character. Their personality will depend on the environment and how you treat them. So make sure to give your feline friend all the love and get them used to whatever your lifestyle is.

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